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50 Reasons Why Galaxy S3 Is Better Than iPhone 5

Pricing & Availability:amzn.t&#959 iPhone 5 Version: youtu.b&#1077 Article: In th&#1110&#1109 video, w&#1077 look &#1072t 50 reasons wh&#1091 th&#1077 Samsung Galaxy S3 &#1110&#1109 better th&#1072n th&#1077 iPhone 5. Th&#1077 reasons include both hardware &#1072nd software features th&#1072t th&#1077 Galaxy S3 th&#1072t th&#1077 iPhone 5 d&#959&#1077&#1109 n&#959t (&#959r &#1110f &#1110t d&#959&#1077&#1109, &#1110t doesn’t work &#1072&#1109 well). Delight &#1110n th&#1077 video &#1072nd b&#1077 sure t&#959 share &#1110t w&#1110th &#1072ll &#1091&#959&#965r Android (&#1072nd iPhone, &#1110f &#1091&#959&#965 know wh&#1072t I mean) acquaintances! Facebook: Chirrup: Website:
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25 Responses to “50 Reasons Why Galaxy S3 Is Better Than iPhone 5”

  1. young mouss says:

    Fantastic review thank u bro coz ots hard for me to choose between these 2 phones

  2. rafael capricho says:

    I dont care if you charge your iphone battery every night. It is still more functional and useful anyway…

  3. dirtygore says:

    you have to charge your iphone battery every night lol. goes to show how crap the iphone battery is lol. i get 3 days out of my S3 battery because i had the selection to upgrade it lol

  4. dirtygore says:

    i reckon your incorrect. and thats why android outsells ios.

  5. dirtygore says:

    where are you getting your numbers from lol. S3 is outselling the iphone 5 the world over outside the states lol. next your going to say that ios has the largest market share lol

  6. dirtygore says:

    oh you mean that same aluminium that scratches and dents lol

  7. dirtygore says:

    i can get a case for my s3. whats your point lol

  8. John Faison says:

    i would not use this to its fullest

  9. Connor Kenway says:

    hey guys i need help ,im going to buy the s3 this month but when i reckon about it the s4 is coming out later this year should i wait or buy the s3 (btw: i like the white color not black)

  10. No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 says:

    im an iphone 4 user and was thinking about getting the iphone or later, but now am reconsidering. really informative video.

  11. ubtoo05 says:

    Thank you real phones such as all these fantastic android devices. I’ll never even premeditated a junk iPhone.

  12. warrant chen says:

    1908 dislikers are idiots that bought iPhone5 and regret it because they didn’t see this video before.

  13. kirillflayt says:

    you can buy aluminum for s3

  14. dzeksvb says:


  15. freelyip11 says:

    @monstahwally: thanks thats a fantastic site.

  16. MrXtremePaulo says:

    Coming up for the S4

  17. Warapong Narongrit says:

    “Unlike the iPhone 5…” 

  18. A.Rahman Ali says:

    Toooo much badddd video you must compare a thing that the iphone and galaxy s3 have it same like internet speed and camera and  more not saying the galaxy features !!!!!

  19. rafael capricho says:

    Yeah, galaxy plastic, iphone sturdy aluminum.

  20. mrmichaelmoney1234 says:

    S3 plastic iPhone 5 not plastic

  21. rubenfigueiras says:

    so^that you dont make the same mistake ^^

  22. rafael capricho says:

    If you reckon s3 is better thank iphone 5, why did you buy both when you only want the galaxy?

  23. Mervyn Cadman says:

    I just got the Galaxys3 way bettter than the Iphone – for one thing I can get an internet connection now, with the iphone t’s so slow and yes I’m still with the same source.

    Thanks for the vid I didn’t know there was so much on the Galaxys3

  24. zdawg02 says:

    I’m really going to give that shitty S3 a shot but I’m maintenance my iPhone 5 cause I know how simple that galaxy breaks -_- but the software is cool

  25. Cez A. says:

    @ 6:38 you are incorrect because you can also install and uninstall apps from Apple’s app-store.


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