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A Wierd Trick on How to Get a Free Ipad

A Wierd Trick on How to Get a Free Ipad

There’s been a lot of hype lately in the world of apple fans and a lot of people seem to be falling for the ever new and innovating The Apple Ipad. I can go on a huge list of reasons why it is one of the best toys and tools on the market and at the same time tell you that you don’t need it. It all depends on our needs, wants and likes.

What I am here to tell you about is the ways you can get a free Ipad if you are from the U.S. (to the rest of the world i have to say “Sorry gents, maybe next time!”).

I went on a little online expedition (internet caves and forums) to discover if there were any users that actually received an Ipad for free. And it’s true, there are users that got it sent to them for free using specific offers. Not all of them work though, but I did stumble upon some that apparently work.


Now is there a catch you ask? Absolutely, because as hard as it is to believe at times, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is! So before you are processed for the shipment of the ipad, you need to fill out your email, your zip code and your address mainly for the purpose of them to send you an offer of your interest every now and then. Is that worth 0? I would be a fool to say no!


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