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Add Other eBooks to the iPad Instruction Video

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Yea.. the iPad has been out for a few months and I never did a review on it.. so here are some of my thoughts :) Leave yours in the comments! ** SUBSCRIBE TO…
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25 Responses to “Add Other eBooks to the iPad Instruction Video”

  1. blue4zero says:

    Lol flash isn’t slow and it also doesn’t heat up anything. The only reason why Steve jobs said flash does all that you said is because he has a grudge. When Apple first asked adobe to work on the first iPhone, adobe said no. And ever since apple has always blocked flash on mobile products.

  2. Anna Sewalson says:

    Cant believe this was only 3 years ago!

  3. UponFurtherReview1 says:

    We are starting our own “review” channel, its not quite as good as yours because we are just starting, but pls come check us out, pls sub or comment, like or dislike…thanks!

  4. Issy Lewis says:


  5. Paulo Uchida says:

    00:20 LOL

  6. Ken Pearson says:


  7. TheJacobEwing says:

    Love you

  8. someone20th says:

    Not much of a review of the iPad itself..

  9. Krisshomez says:

    That awkward moment when you’re watching ijustine iPad review on an iPad.

  10. Harnisha Bhamra says:

    Ikr! I got the iPad just last year! In December! :-)’oxoxo

  11. newfnshow031 says:

    This girl is such an airhead

  12. amsyar1997 says:


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  14. areebzzz says:

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  15. CLICKME19 says:

    great review. love your review vids ijustine!

  16. Daviscow says:

    This is crap. 

  17. ShopWiiBee says:

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  18. fun100ish says:

    Omg i have tha same ipad case !

  19. CarlosEstrellatv says:

    Healthy face :]

  20. Zxxpro says:

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  21. Patrick Swardson says:

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  22. VQian1997 says:

    I still have and use this iPad. Thinking about getting an upgrade

  23. Vadim4200ify says:

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