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Amazing iPhone and iPad Christmas Carol

North Point’s Band rock out &#959n th&#1077&#1110r n&#1077w Apple iPhone’s &#1072nd iPad’s using &#959nl&#1091 th&#1077 best &#1110n musical apps t&#959 m&#1072k&#1077 a t&#1072&#1109t&#1091 Christmas carol! Sub f&#959r more awesom…
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25 Responses to “Amazing iPhone and iPad Christmas Carol”

  1. Steven Klemzak says:

    Still one of my favorites when it comes to Iphones, Ipads, and Christmas

  2. Kyle Stephens says:

    i maid it go up 69 subscribers !!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeng Locaberte says:

    Merry Christmas G+!!..:))

  4. Julie Roberts says:

    I like this every time I hear it!!! Merry Christmas!

  5. MinecraftOrBlackshot says:

    The Small cartoon guy is from the app called bebot

  6. Adam De Kroon says:

    @billye5150 You just can’t beat some excellent ol muzic like Route 66 by John

  7. Jack Le says:

    Chuck Norris can do this on ipad XD

  8. Koolai:D Play'sMC says:

    what is this song called

  9. Валерий К says:


  10. FriFreek says:

    @thatguitarguy99 or to draw or a computer that they don’t have to agonize
    about normal scree failures on microsoft. Ofter enough laptops are a huge
    pain in the butt.

  11. Billy Earnest says:

    I have the right to my opinion! The iPad is an incredible device, as are all
    of these devices today, especially Apple’s. (RIP Steve Jobs). I still reckon
    it’s ridiculous! Sort of like when people thought they knew how to play
    guitar from playing ‘guitar hero’…..when really, they’re clueless.

  12. pbt63 says:

    Merry Christmas!!! AWESOME VIDEO!!!

  13. vyong981 says:

    How does he change his voice like that? that is very something else. He
    does that on the cell phone,but how does he do that?

  14. piperman2010 says:


  15. sagegerhart says:

    does anyone know the name of the guy who sings?

  16. bulldozuh says:

    @ciborj Yeah, I mean really, so what if they use their technology to make
    this? It’s their choice I do suspect some Jealousy in some observations maybe?

  17. Planet Earth says:

    @diamondcow resisting the urge to call you a nerd :P

  18. idiot6663622 says:

    ¡THAT WAS AMAZING! pardon my Spanish

  19. Weirdguy707 says:

    Its nice, but wouldn’t that money go to a better cause than just Iphones
    and Ipads?

  20. TheTurtleFarmers says:

    @billye5150 Umm.. maybe because we are smarter now? Lol. You reckon we arent
    smarter now that when we had “excellent ancient bands”? How are we turning into
    idiots if we can make such incredible technology?

  21. Patrick Murr says:

    @TheTurtleFarmers Replying to a 11 month ancient comment? Lol. Anyways, How is
    my laptop a dissipate of materials if I do research on it and type papers? And
    I’m open to any new technology, but Apple doesn’t currently have anything
    that other companies don’t provide. Sorry :/

  22. nemosmknimh says:

    @billye5150 I’m sure these people can play real instrument but they just
    want to experience their iphone/ipad… These people like musics so much
    that they even got apps for that. Real instrument cannot be beaten with
    computer sound but these apps are useful when need to compose music or
    something on the spot rather than bringing a piano the world over…

  23. Todd L says:

    Steve Jobs called, you left your underwear in his bathroom. He also wanted
    to see who was gonna sterile up that mess you left on his mirror.

  24. xx88bob88xx says:


  25. TahaTuber says:



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