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Annoying Orange – Orange After Dentist (David After Dentist Spoof)

Orange feels a small out &#959f &#1110t &#1072ft&#1077r a dentist visit. FREE version &#959f m&#1091 video game Kitchen Butchery: iTunes: Android: MERCH: AO TOYS! T-SHIRTS: jcp.&#1110&#1109 iPHONE/iPOD GAME: iPAD GAME: ANDROID GAME: MUSIC: FOLLOW ME: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: MY WEBSITE: CREATED BY DANEBOE: DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL: DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL:
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25 Responses to “Annoying Orange – Orange After Dentist (David After Dentist Spoof)”

  1. mc2161 says:

    He is funnyer wen he has his mediasen

  2. Jeannine Volck says:

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  3. blablablaimnumber1 says:


  4. hevenlybdy96 says:

    not real life.

  5. Betterthayoux9 says:

    npoe spoof

  6. AnnoyingCommenting says:


  7. AnnoyingCommenting says:


  8. iamfricinawesome11 says:

    no,this is not orange ps you are a douche,apples are better

  9. Alexa Regine says:


  10. Alexa Regine says:

    Yes Orange this is real life

  11. girlgamerguygamer101 says:


  12. ronaldpacci76 says:


  13. MrStealthuzi says:

    hahaahahaa LOL

  14. marcolorenzo balmeo says:

    no yes no yes no yes oh shut up mind

  15. liam king says:


  16. liam king says:

    is this original

  17. mahal kita says:


  18. tHeTapker says:


  19. magiccorey101 says:

    No Orange this is not real life it is just a marvel.

  20. KristyMir Prouductions says:

    lol it told me to write it

  21. christianhollaender1 says:


  22. ronaldpacci76 says:


  23. appperz says:

    Answer to the question: no it’s an animated cartoon

  24. Jessica Kabsoun says:


  25. wabbldy says:



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