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Appetite For Distraction – December 07 – This Week’s Best iOS Mobile Games and Apps

Mark and Johnny become Defenders of Ardania and open a Theme Park with iOS, then welcome Android back to the fold with World of Goo.
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16 Responses to “Appetite For Distraction – December 07 – This Week’s Best iOS Mobile Games and Apps”

  1. KianaBABESxo says:

    I didn’t get a free rollercoaster -_- how did you get it?

  2. bryanjr11 says:

    TYPE IN – Core King-Bryan Clemons. Those one arm, one leg bottle push ups are insane!!!!

  3. Bluehandblackheart says:

    If you have Android Play Rage Of Bahamut use jfi21690 for 100,000 rupees an a God Type Monster

  4. WhiteDragonGamer says:

    Hey luka read what i posted on your wall please i subbed and everything :)

  5. Khalaf Shaikh says:

    Theme park looks like sh!tty park… I like the world of goo…

  6. Steven Stark says:

    Fift comment. Ok.

  7. islakid says:

    i stop playing games that have premium stuff

  8. Dwavenhobble says:

    sort your damn audio out lol, seriously I could barely hear you sometimes then it was fine others

  9. xClanCOD says:

    Check my channel out plz and subscribe for more plz and ill do the same 250 subs giveway 2500 xbox live points or 15 pound ps3 voucher

  10. The5thStateOfMatter says:

    Why isn’t the show about mobile gaming not available on the mobile platform?

  11. elmalhermano says:

    this show is the only reason im subcribed to to the gamespot channel.

  12. luka susanj susiriba says:

    i am Fift COMMENT THUMBS UP! :)))) and am 113 viewer

  13. mocthezuma says:

    You didn’t mention the prices for the different rides and stuff in Theme Park, which are absolutely shocking.

    One ride costs more than new games on consoles and PC. YES, IT’S TRUE! Rides cost as much as £35!!!!

    It’s an absolute SCAM!

    Everone should boicott EA, if not for all the horrible stuff they’ve done in the past, then only for the reason that they’ve completely ruinned the “Theme Park” name.

  14. paknot8 says:

    Weird of this video?

  15. DarkKnightHDTV says:


  16. Xxlepis says:

    i have an erection


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