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Apple education learning with ipad us

See how iPad is transforming teaching and learning at all levels!

25 Responses to “Apple education learning with ipad us”

  1. Alan Shannon says:

    Looks so cool, can’t wait to be using these next year :)

  2. Navaf Jd says:

    Another jump, and the generations neuro-circuitry would be wired totally

  3. jazaray95 says:

    Does anyone know what the song used is called??

  4. Bilal Minhas says:

    @uukk7 which med app?

  5. David OBrien says:

    Clearly, iPads have he potential to transform, to engage, to provide
    multimodal learning experiences impossible with traditional print media.
    But we take the position that, as iPads and apps become commonplace in
    schools, we need to take a cautious, but optimistic stance in which we
    examine each of the claims. We have posted such a critique on our blog in
    response to some of the typical testimonial memes displayed in this video
    at appsforlearningliteracies

  6. InvaderShift says:

    w…..t…..f? how did they get so many iPad users all in one place like
    that? never in my life have i seen that many ppl in one room with an ipad.

  7. Danyl Kulak says:

    and when parents and teather dont see, children are not studying they are
    playing infinity blade or other games:-)

  8. ChocolateBar1234 says:

    @coolsims94 Often, the school will allow iPads to be purchased for school
    use at a cheaper price. My school is actually thinking about it at the
    minute, they’re offering us iPads with insurance and will allow us to pay
    them off and keep them at the end :).

  9. Tenzin Tseten says:

    Yup iPads are perfect tools for learning

  10. Diego Pajares says:

    Forever alone!

  11. Cad Malz says:

    I always consider the iPad an entertainment device, ie a toy so it seems
    out of place in a school… obviously a tablet pc can be very helpful in
    schools but they have to find a way to prevent kids from playing games or
    surfing the internet first, otherwise this will just be counterproductive.
    If i were in school i would be distracted just having that thing in front
    of me.

  12. dkmanenns says:

    Seton hills bye my house well an hour away but I think I was there one time
    to watch my cousins swim

  13. Mostt says:

    Nice vidio

  14. Erica Rogers says:

    Who’s gonna keep paying for all the upgrades? Parents? The school?

  15. Trollollolguy says:

    Look at the date on the video .

  16. njdevil281 says:

    inner city schools get everything first

  17. KM Bappi says:

    Nice Transformation. Thanks For Shearing. “EssayThinker”

  18. hokl says:

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  19. DrummerCayden says:

    All Student at my school have got iPad grades are dropping because everyone
    plays games in class.

  20. Christistruth1 says:

    Your first mistake was assuming I’m a “kid”. I’m actually a parent of three
    children. I would like to know where you get your information from. Because
    from what I understand…”The back of the iPad 2 says, “Designed by Apple
    in California. Assembled in China.” Beyond that, Apple doesn’t provide many
    details on the components that go into making the iPad 2 (perhaps for good
    reasons),” Forward Thinking: PC dt cm.

  21. Rafael Capricho says:

    First gen ipad!? Wuuuuuuuut???

  22. jon says:

    I love the way that the information is now available and how empowering
    this could be to education in general. I just wish that the school system
    would gain better control of the content creation portion. They shouldn’t
    be locked to the iPad platform. There is no need for closed content being
    purchased as a service and placed on a closed hardware platform. This is
    tax money being spent. I’d rather see the money going to content that after
    its creation, could be available to other projects.

  23. Christistruth1 says:

    So when do the inner city schools, and the schools that can’t afford these
    get them???

  24. Christistruth1 says:

    Not here in my city. Go to all the wealthy schools, and you see kids with
    ipads. I talk to kids from lower income schools and the whole class gets
    one ipad. I hope it changes for them.

  25. FlipnotePikachu says:

    Depending on what city you are in such as L.A. you get support of iPads as
    well so you won’t have to buy them . They are very handy with notes but
    however I wish apple made a huge update with notes like changing notes to
    notebooks . Organizing them by classes and typing notes each day and you
    could refer to them at any time with your fingertips instead of flipping
    pages back and forth


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