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Apple iPad 1 vs iPad 2: Speed & Performance Comparison

This is a comprehensive side by side look at how the new iPad 2 performs next to the iPad 1. In this video I launch a battery of comparisons to determine the…
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25 Responses to “Apple iPad 1 vs iPad 2: Speed & Performance Comparison”

  1. OrgesTi Gse says:

    just get iPad1 as im doing its good inaf save the money.

  2. Olivia Mills says:

    No iPad 2 has gamecenter

  3. benbrooks le killer says:

    euh ipad1 have game center and the ipad 2 not

  4. Jáchym Císler says:

    iPad 2 is 999999999 times faster than iPad 1

  5. azra diyar y says:

    yes ipad white

  6. marickk1 says:

    i have ipad 4 too lolololol

  7. NSMBWhacks2 says:

    Are you retarded?

  8. Jordan Portlock says:


  9. Daniel Hernandez says:

    Ipad for is 3x faster than ipad 2

  10. yamahondaact00 says:

    I still like iPad 1!!!!

  11. Noelle correa says:

    They say ipad 2 was the best yet.

  12. santeri Miettinen says:

    front camera

  13. Da Boss says:

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  14. Jacob Kowanetz says:

    I have ipad 4

  15. Kelvin Podiman says:

    ipad 1 cheap. i choose ipad 1

  16. Cewkiemonstah78 says:

    @kiama531ify no it doesnt

  17. kiama531ify says:


  18. Laken Gentry says:

    HERKY JERKY!!!!!!!!!

  19. 승언 임 says:

    watching this with ipad4

  20. xxcheekymonkeyxx95 says:

    thumbs up if you’re watching this after ipad 4 has come out

  21. kuntyfacedbitch says:

    i love my ipad 1 and ipad 3 ^___^ i love having both, i hated the ipad 2 the shape of it grosses me out its just boring.

  22. Jack London says:

    Its not really a big difference. If you dont need camera then you are just fine with the iPad 1 as it depends on you internet connection anyway!

  23. Asya Bozkurt says:

    ıpad 4 çıktı siz daha 1 2 :D

  24. ZarbXD says:

    I have had it since it came out. Finally I will get New Ipad for x – Mas. You should ask for one

  25. Connor Rooks says:

    Go josh I am


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