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Apple iPad 2 Special Event 3/2/11 Part 1: Steve Jobs Introduction

For our full coverage of the iPad 2 debut go to . As widely expected, the Apple Special Event for 3/…

25 Responses to “Apple iPad 2 Special Event 3/2/11 Part 1: Steve Jobs Introduction”

  1. Jake Habicht says:


  2. superviewer says:

    hard to believe that he was only half a year from being gone

  3. DarkMerchant2222 says:

    thanks for the upload!

  4. JelbournFTW says:

    RIP :(

  5. Max Stephenson says:

    hes just getting old . . . and might b a lil sik

  6. Raul Szafranski says:

    I study art, and never thought my life would be so easy. My portfolio? is
    all in my iPad. For my job, all the programs i have to run simultaneously?!
    A Pc would crash. Mac book Pro. I want to share my recent paint on the
    internet my iphone will do it. What Steve and the whole Apple inc. did is
    just amazing.

  7. Alexander Brown says:

    @AbartsWorld Not true. I can run iBooks, iMovie, Photoshop Express and a
    crap load of other apps with no lag.

  8. TheBushinacasa says:

    Steve’s a genius

  9. LooK2AheaD says:

    เมื่อไรจะเข้า Thailand เนี่ยนานกว่าชาวบ้านตลอด -*-

  10. AbartsWorld says:

    @icekillez Hah, no A5 has less power than the S2, and ofcourse you can
    judge it by specs, iPad sucks :D And 512 is pure shit for an iPad, it needs

  11. Ismail Khan says:

    when its APPLAUSE on the SCREEN the people CLAPS hahahahahahahaha what a
    home made show with home made crowd and home made figures in millions WTF

  12. Vishal Matam says:

    4:55 Walter Isaacson!

  13. Pratik Patel says:

    If you look closely at the ipad the apps steve is showing on, you will
    notice it is an iPad 2. Show iPad 2 was unveiled twice lol

  14. AbartsWorld says:

    @AbartsWorld Also, “gaming is good” arguments are fail because iOS just
    wants to grab your legs and shake your money out of your pockets :P And the
    games aren’t great anyway

  15. Allan Stein says:

    @Cal3star now its 5

  16. smashproof99 says:


  17. Sai says:

    Now, 4 people do not have an apple product :)

  18. AbartsWorld says:

    @shnunk1 l0l ios is much more power and clockspeed consuming than android.
    selfish apple jobs nerd who’s finally dead now never cared about his
    customers. and obviously the ipad requires more memory since it’s a bigger
    screen and it’s supposed to be good for multi tasking, unless you want to
    just read ibooks or play a song only. tablets themselves are just bullshit,
    i can see the good things in them but it’s just a toy, an expensive one

  19. BYEBYE says:

    he looks so old :/

  20. BSmagicNL says:

    Getting it this friday. The only Apple product i had is an iPod Touch 3.
    Wich my mom sort of demanded when i was going to get my Android phone. Now
    i gonna be back into Apple. Because having an Appleproduct doesn’t felt the
    same like android. I couldn’t get used to it and now i’m back on it. Bu
    Fucking Yeah!

  21. iAppleseedy says:

    iPad 2: $499. Steve Jobs on stage: Priceless

  22. patma says:

    This was the last product intro he did. He looks like he’s having so much
    fun here.

  23. BSmagicNL says:

    No i was lying, i already got it. But hey. It’s not a bad lie, isn’t it? Ow
    btw. I send this from my iPad!

  24. Nicolas Molini says:

    watching this on my Galaxy Tab

  25. fernuy says:

    16 people work in foxconn


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