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Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM

PhoneArena presents a brief comparison of the Apple iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM. On one hand, we have the Motorola XOOM that’s backed with the overhauled Androi…

25 Responses to “Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM”

  1. john doe says:

    I have note 2 for my phone hands down best phone out there. But as for tablets the iPad is the best period I have tried all android tablets they all lag and are choppy at one point or another I don’t care what the reason is they are and it’s annoying. The iPad is very smooth no lagging or choppiness. That’s what I’m looking for I’m not looking to be all up in google or apple ass I’m looking for performance

  2. Khavon Grant says:

    Android should win overall you can fully customize with android but with these weak ass ipads you have to jailbreak which comes with flaws…and a ipad is so boring and plain they keep the same look with all their products no matter how small or big, people who rather use a ipad over any android tablet are ridiculously stupid…ipad users cant even download things off the internet without using a app or jailbreak, but to all my fellow android user SKY IS THE LIMIT…

  3. Victoria C says:

    You go Android

  4. Yien Shiluode says:

    8:30 lol ninja tuna, from win 7

  5. Dillan Turner says:

    I have both. Use both. iPad for games Xoom for business.

  6. atomicsteameng says:

    I have an xoom

  7. Edgar Chavez says:

    did you know that consumer tablets existed before the iPad.

  8. Edgar Chavez says:

    Watching this on my Moto Xoom!

  9. Zagnotoft says:

    @Shengz W I was trolling, bro.

  10. Shengz W says:

    dude r u all right?
    No one is forcing you to watch this u know

  11. gus051 says:

    how is YouTube better on the Xoom if I can’t even reply to people directly on it? (I have to manually type their name) its a good tablet but I prefer iOS for youtube

  12. Joshua Knott says:

    obviously to iPad 2 is better than the Motorola because of the less lagging and better apps. I have an ipad but I use android phones. Android phones r betta

  13. Jay Rogers says:

    Android really is class!!!! Apple in a lot of ways in my opinion has become a fashion accessory! :)

  14. Luther Villaflores Jr. says:

    i have my motorola xoom,its really great.

  15. funnypranks48 says:

    There is no possible way iDevices can ever beat Andriod

  16. FatherWarDen says:

    this is andriod vs ios, not ipad 2 vs xoom :|

  17. Adrian John Hannam says:

    Talk about a fucking biase review shit me

  18. Zagnotoft says:

    awt u talkin shyt bout anrod! It iS wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy betur then n e aple prodooct!!!!!!!! i hd a ipod 1 tyme n it brocke! it suxxxed. so den i got a androd n it wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy betur. so u betur go 2 sckewl and lurn ur facts boi!!

  19. blnxblnxzful says:

    Still iPad Lovers iPad Has A.LoT More Apps AnDroid Is CoPyinG Apps On Apple No Can Beat OriGiNal

  20. fashionsenses07 says:

    I am on my motorola xoom now. I love it!! works great, would highly reccomend to anyone. alot better than ipad! have that too and I lobe the xoom better.

  21. oobertuberdude says:

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  22. gurpreetgreiswald says:

    FUTURE OF EMAIL WRITING: Could IPad/tablets provide option to write emails on yahoo, gmail, facebook freehand like writing notes on notepad? Why these options have not yet available on iPad, tablets, IPhone, samrtphones irrespective of touch availability? On iPad we can write email with freehand but it go as an JPEG/TIFF format when we forward to some one, and not as general message. I want email which can be can be edited. Any one has answer for this? Please reply.

  23. harry nowland says:

    Personally i’d grab a Nexus 10 now as they are same price where I am.

    But the Xoom is like getting on 3 years old

  24. Allison LiBengood says:

    Yes ice cream is out. and jelly bean is out for wi-fi . 3g/4g are getting jb soon.

  25. azn0azn0azn says:

    ipad cant even download files as the xoom does very helpful for homeowrk


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