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Apple iPad 3 (AT&T & Verizon): Unboxing and Demo

Unboxing and demo of the 3rd Gen iPad from Verizon and AT&T. More than an unboxing, this is a detailed tour of the device and its major features including th…
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Testing the video on the ipad 3 and uploading it directly from the ipad. I have to say it looked better on the ipad, I wonder if some major compression went …
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25 Responses to “Apple iPad 3 (AT&T & Verizon): Unboxing and Demo”

  1. Samuel Rutty says:

    the ipad 3 was sorta forgotten because of the ipad 2 success.

  2. Alfie Harbourne says:

    getting one for Christmas :)

  3. Daniel Nieto says:

    Still proud owner of an ipad 3 not updating till they update the battery
    life and screen resolution

  4. Basil Peter says:

    New iOS Jailbreak Supported W W W . iPhone5Break . C O M

  5. Dx5dude says:

    lol when i was setting my ipad i didnt have your setting options i had to
    connect to itunes why?

  6. sander halvorsen says:

    cool 8-) thats a good model 2 :D

  7. Faris Jamal says:

    I have ipad 1 with 16gb

  8. s amber hassan says:


  9. danny huerta says:

    Does this include Siri

  10. Tayon Robinson says:


  11. jschmitz1712 says:

    yeah apple only provides the necessities now and forces you to buy the
    other things which sucks.

  12. charles christian baltazar says:

    Please reply

  13. Lander Kemp says:

    so you have it by now? :p

  14. Jayden Gomez says:

    Detroit Borg are you like rich How can you afford all this stuff by the way
    you make the best unboxing vidoes this is a response to

  15. shash358 says:

    so you don’t get headphones with it? pretty cheap…

  16. Siddharth Santhosh says:

    ipad 1,2,3 iphone 2g iphone 3g iphone 3gs iphone 4 iphone 4s ipod 2g ipod
    3g ipod 4g black and white so so it meaqns 13 apple stickers

  17. Arsh Sran says:

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  18. Annalyn Baltazar says:

    Im from Philippines

  19. Farah Hazem says:

    and better front camera

  20. turky al-alkmy says:

    I Watch This Video From My New iPad :)

  21. shmatts24 says:

    i got mine a week after it launched, amazingly, they still had the one i
    wanted, the black 32 gig wifi

  22. MrTimmyCake says:

    If only I had the same amount of money they do… O_o

  23. applemagnet633 says:

    @superstartarzan i got one thing to say : UR DUMB!!!

  24. DonSelwashington says:

    Can a ipad talk ????

  25. shmatts24 says:

    last year at this time, the ipad 2 was the big thing. now the big thing is
    the ipad 4


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