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Apple iPad 3 (New Generation) 16GB Black Wifi Only Review

This is an extremely brief look on the new ipad from apple. There are plenty more good features that I didn’t mention in the video because I hate getting int…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Magnadyne Movie Vision iPad 2 Mobile Video Docking Station by Magnadyne is designed to mount to the ceiling of your car, truck or SUV’s allowing you to e…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Apple iPad 3 (New Generation) 16GB Black Wifi Only Review”

  1. lhopkin2012 says:

    Hello because its only 16gb and it is in HD as you downloaded things did it
    get slower and slower ??

  2. michelle griffiths says:

    for kids do u rekon 16gb or 32gb?im paying for it bymyse;f so dont troll my

  3. bulletz4life says:

    considering the fact that i bought mine for 550 new, thats a good price.
    but I would recommend waiting for the ipad mini 2 with retina display,
    thats what Im doing, I love the mini, the only reason I dont have one now
    is because I have an ipad with retina.

  4. Supermandtm says:

    KING OF QUEENS!!!! My favorite show!!!

  5. bulletz4life says:

    @lhopkin2012 i filled up all 16 gigs already, its not any slower then it
    was the first day i got it. but i must say that id recommend going for more
    space like 32 or 64 gb because 16 doesnt really prpvide enough for the big

  6. MrHugo4121 says:

    where did u buy your cover??

  7. Tandemology says:

    I think it gets a little more warmer than the iPad 2 because of it’s
    quad-core graphics processor but it’s not a problem, this should not stop
    anyone from buying one.

  8. xyz09997 says:

    Thanx buddy I am getting my ipad in august so till then i would like to
    have dis cover…. And thanks for d video it helped me a lot….

  9. shawnriv9 says:

    I am looking to purchase an iPad 3 (well one with retina) and I read the
    Mini will be releasing in October. I looking forward to the iPad Mini with
    Retina if it was being released in March. But one of my friends is looking
    to sell his iPad 3 16GB to me for $300. It’s in very good condition. I’m
    just worried about the 16GB not being big enough. I don’t plan to have 80+
    apps, but I do have 45 apps on my iPhone that I’ll transfer over to the
    iPad. Do you think that’s a good price and worth it?

  10. bulletz4life says:

    I think 32 would be better, I ran out of space already

  11. aj Dejean says:

    Nice review

  12. bulletz4life says:


  13. bulletz4life says:

    ebay my friend

  14. xyz09997 says:

    where did ya get that cover?????????

  15. Michael Van Der Heijden says:

    Are you Dutch?

  16. bulletz4life says:

    No problem. Enjoy your ipad when you get it. Ill be recording a video doing
    a comparison over the ipad 2 and ipad 3 so stay tuned!

  17. Joshua Haworth says:

    Yey I live in England £361!

  18. Andrew Hunter says:

    good review, thanks

  19. bulletz4life says:


  20. hussein mroue says:

    what was the app for the live tv called?

  21. Doge says:

    this would come in great handy for my 2012 ford focus :))

  22. epicsaintjarod says:

    Where can i get one

  23. Mark Magnadyne says:

    You can find this product at our site along with the price for the Movie
    Vision iPad 2 Mobile Video Docking Station by Magnadyne. Model MV-IPAD2-KC
    (Cream) and MV-IPAD2-KG (Gray)

  24. Saif Albraik says:

    good idea,


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