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Apple iPad 3 VS Microsoft Surface Tablet

This the video everyone asked for! This is part one of our tests involving the Microsoft Surface and the Apple iPad 3! This is iOS vs Windows 8! We compare t…
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24 Responses to “Apple iPad 3 VS Microsoft Surface Tablet”

  1. MoodleZone says:

    fag alert! fag alert!

  2. michealsoft72 says:

    Thumbs down for the preview still that showed obama

  3. youngprankster94 says:

    Microsoft is a shitty company in decline…all about iPad and androids!!!

  4. william gonzalez says:

    shut up man

  5. johnpa2006 says:

    Good review, you covered a lot, very in depth. You should do a part 2 and show how Office 2013 is installed on the surface, there is nothing of that level on the iPad.
    You get the Metro IE, and the “Desktop IE” as well which is full on IE10 with partial “whitelisted” flash capable web sites. more to come on that. I like that you guys didnt totally bash either one and stayed objective in your review. Thank you for posting this review.

  6. Nikolai Allen says:

    Don’t go full retard on us bro…

  7. Michael Lewis says:

    Surface…hands down.

  8. Michael Macastle says:

    IPad is a toy, Surface is a tool, you cant run office on iPad. I cant believe that people even compare the two. Surface is a much better system.

  9. Christobanistan says:

    Who gives a crap about the Kindle app?

  10. luka agula says:

    it can run crysis, but by no means it can handle it.

  11. william gonzalez says:

    uhh still apple idiot because microsoft has the same apps and apple has more because of the ipad 4, ipad mini, ipod touch 5g, and iphone5 which you are trying to say just because its a new system soo.. apple has new systems too

  12. souro19 says:


  13. Kuni mitsu says:

    @ 19:30 he thought.. omg when wil this end!!

  14. Christopher Hoover says:

    I like how at 1:30 he highlights that Surface has a Microsoft logo vs. Apple’s “logo” home button.

  15. Sasha Cotiuc says:

    You guys are absolutely retarted. You completely looked at everything that doesn’t matter. Such a pointless review. I hope you die

  16. Winosreviews says:

    Lol to share with the Kindle app on the Microsoft Surface tablet you have to go to the charms bar and then tap Share.

  17. pearsonee says:

    Horrible review and horrible reviewers

  18. leonardo windstorm says:

    Surface Pro bro…now who has more apps?

  19. sirpilf says:

    this review is very misleading by claiming the surface (this model being shown) is windows 8. windows RT uses the same metro GUI but is NOT windows 8. you will need surface pro to get windows 8 and to be able to run your old windows software.

  20. PX Educ says:

    You guys are the worst reviewers ever. You lose all credibility by comparing the Kindle apps as a way to say that one platform is better than the other. You suck! You suck!

  21. MajinVegito100 says:

    screw apps and the display just take a look at the features. All they were doing was going into ebook apps and trying to read books. I mean seriously can you show people some of the things windows 8 can do.

  22. MajinVegito100 says:

    The surface obliterates the ipad

  23. as1rainbow says:

    Boys! All what they talk about is games.

  24. Elsonoir says:

    Okay and one can also do office documents and the other cant so its your choice…. I know for me its the surface.


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