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Apple iPad Air Review

Lisa Gade reviews the iPad Air, Apple’s 5th generation tablet. The iPad Air is significantly thinner and lighter than previous models and it’s also lighter than competing tablets in the 10″…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Apple iPad Air Review”

  1. Александр Гуров says:

    without doubt my fav tech reviewers.

  2. TheProdigy396 says:

    Why is your iMovie icon look like that if you’re running iOS 7 I’m running
    ios 7.1.1 and My IMovie looks purple & white 

  3. Mateusz Trocha says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of apple products, mostly because of the price but I’ve
    just realised you can get an iPad air for about £300 online….I’m already
    saving up.

  4. yang song says:

    I ordered the ipad air yesterday. i found it is only 1gb ram, now i am
    worried about the limited ram will constrain my usage.
    i like your videos. please talk about a little about specs in the future.

  5. Тимофей Балдуев says:

    Ты не старая для этого

  6. gavin cook says:

    Amazing review! All others are shit!

  7. Patrick Mcglynn says:

    I’ll love having an a an android phone, and an Apple tablet. Best of both
    worlds, I can’t be called a fanboy of either because I own 1 of each.

  8. TheHacker84657 says:

    can the ipad air play ios4 games

  9. Sofia Germanotta says:

    Lol Apple needs to come out with a iPad Pro. I would buy it!

  10. KING KRUSH says:

    I enjoy your reviews. They really do help me learn the pros and cons of
    each product I view. Great stuff.

  11. Golden Power S.A says:
  12. BlokFan117 says:

    Where do you get all of the money?! to buy these products

  13. Gil Keidar says:

    they should get Snap dragon chip. It’s 1.5 Ghz! That’s as fast as my laptop

  14. TheHacker84657 says:

    please can you tell me if the apple ipad air can play old apple store games

  15. Patrick Mcglynn says:

    Great video. After 2 years of great usage I’m retiring my Samsung galaxy
    tab 2, 10.1, I ordered an Ipad Air to replace it.. I play Dead Trigger 2
    alot on my LG G Flex and I cannot wait to play it on the ipad air after
    seeing this video.
    Thanks again.

  16. YOUNG MARCUS says:

    Thank You!!!!!

  17. Karl Malone Bernan says:

    My iPad air only shows 17.6 fps on GFXbench which should be 25 fps. 

  18. tiffany kelly says:

    im getting an apple air if i pass the njask

  19. D.L. Junkie says:

    Great video! Like your voice & thoroughness too! Subscribed!

  20. thomas colombrito says:

    I love my iPad air

  21. TheMEXIVERGAS says:


  22. Backup One says:

    Best review I’ve seen thus far.

  23. Tanner Hostrander says:

    Very good review

  24. treluvsjay1 says:

    Why don’t you ever turn the brightness up on the Devices that you review?
    It would give the quality of your review vudeos a Boost and would also give
    the Consumer a better idea of how a display Looks

  25. MobileTechReview says:


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