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Apple iPad Guided Tours – ALL Part 1

iPad guided Tours.
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24 Responses to “Apple iPad Guided Tours – ALL Part 1”

  1. GreedyWhiteGuy says:

    I have a rock and a potato

  2. Ayu Paramitha says:

    sumpah gue iri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kenapa ye PENYESALAN slalu dtng TERAKHIR!!!!!!! buat bete ni

  3. SevenFootPelican says:

    This is amazing.

  4. TheMoodybean says:

    You Think this was good? Psssh, The best Ipad guide is on my channel. Check it out!

  5. Mackenzie Sherrington says:

    I have a iPad 2 16 gb wifi only

  6. Lars schmidt Hansen says:

    i have a ipad 64GB + wifi + 3G


  7. magnifyit1 says:

    anyway i have quicktime

  8. Julia Lockerby says:

    same here bro

  9. TheKidTrio says:

    balls to you

  10. magnifyit1 says:

    the reply is nine months late and i am 1010alman1010 i just made a new account

  11. SirSparklz says:

    caps lock is for people who are too loud

  12. MrNannerman says:


  13. Katybabii1 says:

    @bullshotProductions ah class :O but how do you get facebook chat ? Cause it’s not showing up :/

  14. Katybabii1 says:


  15. Katybabii1 says:

    I cant wait to Get Mine Tonight :) Am how do you get Facebook Chat on it tho ? :/

  16. Irockeza says:

    And how the fuck can I turn it on?
    It only says iTunes and has a USB drawn beneath it.

  17. Irockeza says:

    What if I’m in Europe and don’t have the american plug and charger?

  18. sopwin says:

    Screw the Galaxy Tab - I’m getting this.

  19. Wolffie LC says:

    With the usb and sd card connector you can import documents? or only images???

  20. nishala philip says:

    i know,i really want to buy it but i am too young but my dad said that if i get the greencard [it is a card,and if you get higher than 90% in all subjects then you get the greencard] i will get the ipad.i always get the greencard not that i am a nerd but well i hate studying.anyways i am so excited for the AWSOME IPAD!!!

  21. flyliketails says:

    One day in the future, we’ll be playing crysis on something like this.
    Can’t wait XD

  22. Claudio Cisneros says:

    that’s the problem

  23. hedley311 says:

    its the only ipad there is

  24. carmenliujiawen says:



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