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Apple iPad mini 3 MGYE2LL/A 7.9-Inch Retina Display (16GB, Wi-Fi, Apple iOS 8) Gold Reviews

Apple iPad mini 3 MGYE2LL/A 7.9-Inch Retina Display (16GB, Wi-Fi, Apple iOS 8) Gold

  • Apple iOS 8, 7.9-Inch Retina Display; 2048×1536 Resolution
  • A7 Chip with 64-bit Architecture; M7 Motion Coprocessor
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); 16 GB Capacity
  • 5MP iSight Camera; FaceTime HD Camera
  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life

The 7.9″ Retina Display makes its debut on the iPad mini, maintaining its enormous 2048 x 1536 native resolution. At 326 pixels per inch, the Retina Display can show up to 3.1 million pixels at a time. The Retina Display is also a capacitive touchscreen so you’ll be able to utilize all the multi-touch gestures of iOS 7. Its smaller form factor makes it easier to hold in one hand. The iPad mini comes in a silver finish.

List Price: $ 399.00

Price: $ 294.45

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3 Responses to “Apple iPad mini 3 MGYE2LL/A 7.9-Inch Retina Display (16GB, Wi-Fi, Apple iOS 8) Gold Reviews”

  1. John Ryan says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Impossibly thin, incredibly fast and beautifully designed. But is it the best iPad for you?, November 1, 2014
    John Ryan (London, UK) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 2:58 Mins

    The iPad mini is probably the best small tablet computer on the market today – it’s certainly the most popular. It’s the top selling tablet computer on Amazon, and still an incredible device. This is a review of the iPad Mini 3 released October 2014, but is it worth the money?

    About this review
    OK. First a disclosure. I love the iPad range, and this review aims to explain why. There’s lots to say, so I’ve broken it up into sections to make it manageable, (just skip the bits you don’t need). Hopefully it will answer your questions, and by the end you’ll have decided if it’s worth the money, and perhaps which model you should buy.

    What’s new about the iPad Mini 3?
    Sad to say, not a lot. Same beautiful design, incredibly fast A7 processor and 1GB of memory as the previous model – the “iPad Mini 2″ (confusingly also known as “iPad Mini with Retina Display”).

    It still has the amazing 326 pixels per inch (ppi) retina (2048×1536) screen, and is still a great device to read books, watch films and play games on. I say this, not to sell the device, but to soften the blow. In short, it’s disappointing the only difference between this and the previous mini is the “Touch ID” fingerprint sensor which means you can unlock it with your fingerprint, and potentially avoid using passwords.

    As I write this review (November 1st 2014), this device costs $100 more than the previous model on the Apple web site. I love the iPad, but that’s an awful lot of money to pay for a fingerprint reader.

    Having said that, the iPad Mini (2nd Generation) is still for sale, and at a great discount here on Amazon or from Apple. Alternatively you could buy the iPad Air or Air 2. The same (or faster) device, with a bigger screen.

    The remainder of this review describes the entire iPad range to help you to decide. I hope you find it useful.

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Can I run all iPad Apps on this one
    A: Yes. Every App available for the full size iPad (or iPhone) will run on this device.

    Q: I want a “Mini” – Which model should I buy?
    A: If you’ve got money to burn and you hate passwords, this one – the iPad Mini 3. Otherwise search Amazon for “iPad Mini 2″. Same device (except “Touch ID”) for a lot less money.

    Q: Is this covered by Warranty ?
    A: Yes. Full 12 month Apple warranty, and 90 days free technical support. You can also extend the warranty with “AppleCare+” for $100 a year provided to take out the cover within 60 days of buying your iPad. This includes accidental damage insurance (up to two incidents per year subject to a $49 excess).

    Q: Why are these cheaper on Amazon than at the Apple store? What’s the catch?
    A: No catch. You can buy in person from the Apple store (including free engraving), or from your local tech store. Alternatively buy from Amazon with a 30 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy. If you find this item is NOT as described, (eg. is not the right model), return it immediately, report the issue to Amazon, and write a critical review.

    Q: Should I buy the Cellular option?
    A: Read “Which model should I buy” below. You almost certainly don’t “need” to – as ever it always depends. Many iPads never leave home, and even when they do you can store your videos/music on the device or connect to a coffee bar hotspot to get online. If you have a smartphone (eg. Android or iPhone) you can set up a “personal hot spot” or “tethering” and use your data plan on your phone. This effectively allows you to connect a WIFI only iPad to the internet via your mobile phone while you’re out and about. On an Android phone go to Setup –> Tethering & portable hotspot. On on iPhone go to Settings –> Personal Hotspot, and set up a personal WIFI network from your phone. Try it now, but be aware it may be an optional extra dependent upon your mobile phone plan.

    Q: Is this the latest iPad?
    A: Yes. (Provided your reading this before October 2015). Launched 16th October 2014. Likely to be superseded October 2015.

    Q: How much storage aka “disk space” do I need?
    A: It depends. If intend to buy lots of Apps or store lots of videos and photos then go for the 64Gb or 128Gb is you need. If it’s your first iPad, and you’ll mainly be using it for accessing web pages and reading the odd book, then 16Gb will be fine. Be aware, you cannot increase the storaage – you can’t add an SD card.

    Q: Is it easy to set up?
    A: Yes – very easy. Be sure to be near a WIFI connection, and the iPad will carefully take you through the steps needed to set it up. No, there’s very little in the way of an instruction manual – which is a testament to the simplicity of this device…

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  2. Ron Cronovich says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Buy a 2013 iPad Mini 2 instead, December 1, 2014
    Ron Cronovich (Kenosha, WI) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    If you’re thinking about buying an iPad Mini, you should strongly consider buying last year’s model (the 2013 iPad Mini 2, formerly called iPad Mini with Retina Display) instead of the iPad Mini 3 that came out in Fall 2014.

    They are almost identical: EXACT same processor, EXACT same display, EXACT same battery life, EXACT same hardware and dimensions, and they run all the same apps EQUALLY well. The only thing you get with a 2014 Mini 3 that was not on the 2013 Mini 2 is the fingerprint sensor (and a new color option: white front with gold back).

    This fingerprint sensor is the same one that’s on the iPhone 5S and later models. It has limited usefulness on the iPad; it’s more useful on phones, since more and more transactions will be done using phones instead of actual credit cards.

    So, if the Mini 3 and the Mini 2 are virtually identical, why buy the 2? Because it’s cheaper. Apple still sells the 2 for $100 less than a comparably configured 3. But you can save even more than $100 if you shop around, because many retailers are clearancing their inventory of last year’s Mini 2. Two weeks ago, I found a Mini 2 with cellular and 64gb at B.B. for $150 less than a comparably configured Mini 3. I bought two–one for myself and one for a family member for Christmas. Unless you really want the fingerprint sensor or the new white/gold color combo, skip the Mini 3 and save yourself $100 or more by purchasing a Mini 2 instead.

    *** iPad Mini compared to iPad Air ***

    I bought an iPad Air when it came out in Fall 2013 and love it. It’s extremely fast and the thin/light form factor is amazing, especially compared to earlier full-sized iPads. I know the 2014 iPad Air 2 is even better in some ways: a bit thinner, a faster processor, better cameras, and a new display that according to iLounge is slightly improved. But the 2013 iPad Air is so great that this is the first time I’ve not felt compelled to upgrade.

    The iPad Mini 2 (formerly called “iPad Mini with Retina Display”) came out last year about the same time as the iPad Air. Unlike the original iPad Mini from 2012, the 2013 Mini 2 is not a crippled iPad; it is virtually as powerful as the 2013 Air. It’s essentially a 2013 iPad Air in a smaller package.

    While the Air is amazingly thin and light for a 10″ tablet, the Mini 2 is noticeably smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to hold in one hand for long periods of time and also much easier to travel with. There are times when the Air’s larger screen is important–for example if I’m reading a textbook or a large-format magazine on the device, or editing a giant Excel spreadsheet. But most of the time, I’m equally happy with the Mini’s 8″ Retina display. The Mini 2 runs processor-intensive games and apps virtually as well as the Air, which is to say very well indeed.

    *** iPad Mini compared to Android and Amazon tablets ***

    It’s true, you can get a 7″ or 8″ tablet for less money than an iPad Mini. Amazon’s own 7″ Kindle Fire HDX is very good and much less expensive, as are some Android tablets.

    A good Android tablet can do most everything an iPad can do, or even more. While each operating system has its loyal fans, in fact Android and iOS are both very good and, at this point, very mature operating systems with a large catalog of apps. Android OS is much more customizable than Apple’s iOS, which is important to many Android fans.

    I kind of don’t recommend Amazon’s own Fire tablets. They are essentially Android tablets with some of the Android features stripped away in order to keep Amazon content in front of the customer. If that doesn’t bother you, Amazon Fire tables are very good and affordable, so they are worth your consideration.

    I am fortunate that I can afford to spend more to get the device I really want. And to me, it’s worth paying more for Apple devices. I prefer iOS to Android and I like the hardware Apple uses and the build quality of iPads. But others prefer Android devices and I can’t tell you my opinion is more valid than theirs.

    If you decide to buy an iPad, you almost certainly will be happy with your purchase. iPads have a very high owner satisfaction rate and a very low defect rate. Apple customer service is absolutely excellent. The hardware and software are great. The only remaining decision you have is: which iPad?

    For me, the iPad Mini 2 is the best choice for the reasons I gave above. It’s very powerful and fast, the Retina display is great, the 8″ size is light and super convenient, and best of all it’s much cheaper than the new Mini 3 despite being virtually the same.


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  3. James Thomas says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    iPad Mini 3 reviews and comparison against other apple ipads models, November 7, 2014

    The iPad mini offers you a great option that currently sits between the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2 in terms of screen size. This makes it more portable and easier to hold than the Air 2 but gives you more screen real estate than the 6 Plus. The one key downfall is that it has the slowest processor of the 3. However that’s not to say that the A7 processor on the Mini 3 is a slouch. For all intents and purposes, in everyday use, the A7 should fulfill all your tablet computing needs effortlessly. Having used it myself for the last couple weeks, I don’t find myself grinding my teeth due to performance.

    New features added to the Mini 3 are a fingerprint scanner and a new gold color option. While the new color option is purely aesthetic and a matter of personal taste, the finger print scanner offers some real functional enhancement. It makes securing and unlocking the device so much easier. Unlike a passcode, your kids can’t just find out what it is and start making in app purchases. And with the new Apple Pay feature, your purchases will be that much more secure. Of course if you don’t really take your iPad out much and no one else has any access to it, this may not be as important. That’s not to say there won’t be future utilizations of this technology that you may want to use. But in its current state, its purpose is limited. Since the iPad doesn’t have an NFC chip, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay to pay for items in a brick and mortar store using your iPad Mini 3.
    So, it’s not necessarily the form factor or the feature of the Mini 3 that holds it back. It’s the value proposition it offers in relationship to the other iPad configurations currently available.

    As mentioned, the only new features of the iPad 3 are a fingerprint scanner and a gold color option. If those are not on your list of must-haves, there are other options within the iPad family you should consider, especially because the privilege of having those 2 new feature options cost $100. That’s right, because the exact same tablet without the finger print scanner is available in white or space grey for $100 less and it’s called the iPad Mini 2. It’s still fully supported by Apple as a current product and it can still run the latest IOS.

    So, let’s explore all your options.

    The iPad Mini 3 starting at $399 gets you the finger print scanner and the option to get it in gold.

    The iPad Mini 2 starting at $299 gets you the same processor, support, warranty, screen resolution, and OS, just no finger print scanner and only 2 available color options.

    The iPad Air for the same price of $399 gives you everything the Mini 2 and 3 has except for the fingerprint scanner or gold color option but you get a bigger 9.7” screen.

    The iPad Air 2 for $100 more gets you a larger, higher resolution 9.7” screen, a faster processor, thinner body, faster Wifi and you also still get the Finger Print Scanner and gold color option.

    So using the iPad Mini 2 as a base, here is a layout of the options you get and how much more you would pay for these options.
    $299 base price gets you:

    • 7.9” Retina display
    • A7 Chip w/ 64-bit architecture
    • IOS 8
    • 5 MP Camera

    $50 more gets you: (iPad Mini 2 w/ 32GB)

    • 32GB of memory vs. 16GB

    $100 more gets you either: (iPad Air 1)

    • Larger 9.7” Retina display with same resolution

    Or (iPad Mini 3)

    • Fingerprint scanner
    • Gold color option

    $150 gets you: (iPad Air 1 w/ 32GB)

    • 32GB of memory
    • Larger 9.7” Retina screen

    $200 gets you either: (iPad Mini 3 w/ 64GB)

    • Fingerprint scanner
    • Gold color option
    • 64 GB of memory (iPad Mini 3 w/ 64GB)

    Or (iPad Air 2)

    • Faster A8X chip with 64-bit processor and M8 Motion coprocessor
    • Improved 8MP iSight Camera
    • Larger 9.7”, higher 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution retina display
    • Faster Wifi
    • Fingerprint scanner
    • gold color option

    It’s easy to see why many professional reviewers are saying skip the iPad Mini 3 and get either the Mini 2 or the Air 2.

    But why did Apple do it this way? Personally, I think Apple learned something when they created the Mini 2. Prior to that model, the Original Mini was based on the specs of the older iPad 2 (not Air) which created a feature gap between that model and their flagship model at the time, the iPad 4. They sold it for $100 cheaper but it was a step down model so people who really wanted a flagship would have to pay the extra $100. When they produced the Mini 2, they gave it all the…

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