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Apple iPad Mini Review! (2012)

Enjoy this iPad Mini Review? Don’t forget to like & share the review! :) My detailed iPad Mini Review! My review covers the smaller 7.9 inch display and whet…

Steps: 1. Turn on WiFi network on your iPhone/iPad. 2. Run “Pics” app. 3. Press “turn p2p transfer on” and wait for a few seconds. 4. After the pairing compl…
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26 Responses to “Apple iPad Mini Review! (2012)”

  1. Glenn Canady says:

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  2. leman3131 says:


  3. LaptopsandUltrabooks says:

    This Ipad is great. It has met all my expectations. It is light and can be taken everywhere. The battery power lasts for a long time. It was shipped in a timely manner. I am very pleased with my purchase and I highly recommend this mini IPad.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to1aDbWvY

  4. Shona Morrison says:

    Can we have a Siri demo please

  5. Ellis324 says:

    Wowww. Thankyou. Wonderful table! ? I need this iPadM…black or white? Black! Right choice? :D

  6. Luis Lopez says:

    i saw dog penis

  7. kalloveable says:

    You’re right about the screen saver. It’s the best screen shield I have ever used and I’ve tried several!

  8. iwasnamedellie says:


  9. Marcus Tharaldsen says:

    Nope. It have things android tablets don’t have but android tablets have things ipad don’t have like widgets.

  10. Ferid Hesenov says:

    Çok iyi

  11. Harrysound says:

    ahhh Youtube….where everyone can work for a shopping channel.

  12. Technosilp says:


  13. Mike Love says:

    ipad mini is boss kills android tabs

  14. Ryan H says:

    Im not if anyone u guys were Chill frilla before he stopped making videos….this guys sounds justttt like him?!?

  15. Jmulls248 says:

    I personally go the other way. I have an iPhone 5, and an HP tablet running a cyanogen mod of Android. Regardless, both ways seem pretty awesome

  16. Chase d'Entremont says:

    the best screen ive been exposed to is an ipod 4 :P

  17. Emily Dai says:

    what is the game called that he played last?

  18. Bao Duong says:

    both are great tablets, but it is what OS you prefer. Android vs iOS. But concerning applications, the ipad has far more superior apps than the Nexus 7. You cannot go wrong with either, but apple has the best ecosystem for tablets. However, the ipad mini and Nexus 7 have been out for 7+ months. So i would wait for the next generation ipad mini or nexus tablet. Nexus 7 is by far cheaper though!

  19. junderhill6867 says:

    I’d bet like 5 bucks this guy’s asian. I can tell it in his voice.

  20. Antone Mcarthur says:

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  21. Manny 98 says:

    Yes, Siri does come with the iPad 4th generation (Retina Display). =] Also the iPad mini.

  22. ninjavampire100 says:

    Hi I’d like to know does Siri come with iPad 4 and can you make a video for the four greatly appreciated

  23. Alex Calkins says:

    I’m watching on an iPad mini!

  24. iOllyHD says:

    I don’t have long nails because I’m a boy, but I will be using my my iPad mini everyday and taking it on holiday in July, I don’t like screen protectors but I don’t know if it is something I need, like does the screen get scratched or damaged easily?

  25. Manny 98 says:

    It’s not necessary, but if you have a feeling that you are going to scratch up your screen from long nails or anything, get one. =)

  26. rod8128 says:

    Try ImageTransfer. It only costs 0.79 and it does exactly the same, even without iTunes and a MacBook, directly from iPhone to iPhone (or iPad).


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