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Apple iPhone 5 Hammer Drop & Knife Scratch Test

Watch the other destruction videos: The Drop Test: The Car Test: Article: In this video, I take the iPhone 5 from my drop test and see how much more damage it can take. I scratch the screen and anodized back with my keys, a knife, and then drop a hammer on iPhone 5’s screen several times. Facebook: Twitter: Website:

24 Responses to “Apple iPhone 5 Hammer Drop & Knife Scratch Test”

  1. TheCRACKNER says:

    That’s a dead blow

  2. S10lifted95 says:

    That’s a mallet bro.

  3. djcoolant says:

    can u do iphone 4s please?

  4. Cheddarcheese6 says:

    Use a pickaxe

  5. Kostie100 says:


  6. ThumbsUq says:

    You should take iron hummer.:D

  7. ColeCola12 says:

    Please test the Samsung ATIV S

  8. mdog0928 says:

    What are you Gina tell them if u go fix it

  9. Mr360dude09 says:

    in what occasion will the tip of a knife touch your phone -_______-

  10. Charlee Rose says:

    there not actually that expensive…
    I have an iPhone 5 myself and i love it.
    FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM charleerosie :)
    snapchat- charlee-rose

  11. Matt Ford says:

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  12. Alex White says:

    damn i was only lookin to catch some comment fish.. not ragers lol

  13. 098561072 says:

    You could gave it to me, not destroy it!!!!

  14. chrisgonewild08 says:

    you should be thankful!! Some people cant afford stuff like that


  15. NotName666 says:

    You can destroy that phone OOOOR give it to me? Your choice

  16. Pritam Chakroborty says:

    i thing apple saw earlier iphone torture video. then the make this phone…..

  17. Garry Duncan says:

    I think that’s crazy – you wacked that thing and it didnt break

  18. jasammarac says:


  19. abdalrahman hassan says:

    it hurts !

  20. SennaFPW says:

    profits of this channel must be enough to buy another iPhone.

  21. Arthur alves rodriguez says:

    Inicial music ?

  22. gottacatch3mall says:

    Why not enjoy stuff, if you actually can? Oh well, i bet you never throw food away because 3rd world kids are starving..,
    You’re making yourself look dumb by thinking that he destroys stuff just for fun… People who buy these phones want to know how though it is, so these videos are not dumb. He’s also probably getting paid by somebody for doing this.
    And i’m not rich myself, just got to hate butthurt people like you, calling other people cunts even though you don’t know anything about him.

  23. DOROTEOargentino says:

    yes, yes, excuse me can i use my hammer? loool

  24. omar fathy says:

    He does that to make apple win


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