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Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event

The Apple iPhone 5 is the company’s sixth generation iPhone and it runs iOS 6.0. The device features a 4-inch Retina touch display, up to 64GB of internal st…

Get your free ZooGue iPhone Case here These video effects were made with the Action Movie FX app All these v…
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38 Responses to “Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event”

  1. TG disc says:

    240p LOL

  2. awesomeguy says:


  3. awesomeguy says:

    It’s also a FRIDAY

  4. Chesed Ulutui says:

    Waste of time watching this when the video footage keeps freezing. =(

  5. Alexis Golden says:


  6. arunprasath shankar says:

    Apple rocks!

  7. Fart Nub says:

    Good morning, good morning, good morning, thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you for coming this morning

  8. Big'm Thugluv says:

    Sumsung Get Out! .

  9. Tommy Chong says:

    Yeah dude Steve was better at these things

  10. DJs Mobiles says:

    Watch the entire Apple iPhone 5 keynote presentation and be a part of the
    launch of Apple’s newest iPhone

  11. Kanen Jaganathan says:

    i got one and i LOVE it

  12. ManiBalaji C says:

    i love apple

  13. Vaishnav Shravan says:

    Miss Steve

  14. CosmicSword says:

    0:28 perfect scene for a flood

  15. George Loumbrinis says:

    Kind of realistic!

  16. boka choda says:

    can u upload these green screen videos please…

  17. Feby Aldian Rasbifa says:

    That was cool man!!!!

  18. aarodjsmash says:

    ive had that app before it cool as

  19. TheSpicylem0n says:

    Yes it’s free

  20. Ahmad Faqih says:

    in ipod also why

  21. Mohammed Elmaghrabi says:

    hey is this free app ?

  22. simon steiner says:

    waren früher noch alle gratis?!

  23. simon steiner says:

    da gibts noch kein star trek

  24. Niklas Schröder says:

    Du kannst gute Videos machen…

  25. DuckFaceOfEpicness says:

    How u get firefight?????????

  26. ppbbgay says:

    better then some real cleap movies effect

  27. Mohmad Tchetchen says:


  28. Yayo183 says:


  29. Студия "24" says:


  30. Thitima Kiti says:

    I think is very awesome

  31. Shahar Brenner says:

    Wow it’s so cool

  32. Gianni Villa says:

    How do you get the fire fight

  33. Macuy Garchi says:

    why do you hate that car!?

  34. Aaron Nguyen says:


  35. Saltypretzel312 says:

    nice video!

  36. Mitch200714 says:


  37. Saltypretzel312 says:

    you have to buy itt

  38. Saltypretzel312 says:

    you must not like cars


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