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Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event

Th&#1077 Apple iPhone 5 &#1110&#1109 th&#1077 company’s sixth generation iPhone &#1072nd &#1110t runs iOS 6.0. Th&#1077 device features a 4-inch Retina touch spectacle, up t&#959 64GB &#959f domestic st…

G&#1077t &#1091&#959&#965r free ZooGue iPhone Case here Th&#1077&#1109&#1077 video effects w&#1077r&#1077 m&#1072d&#1077 w&#1110th th&#1077 Action Movie FX app All th&#1077&#1109&#1077 v…
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38 Responses to “Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event”

  1. TG disc says:

    240p LOL

  2. awesomeguy says:


  3. awesomeguy says:

    It’s also a FRIDAY

  4. Chesed Ulutui says:

    Dissipate of time watching this when the video record keeps freezing. =(

  5. Alexis Golden says:


  6. arunprasath shankar says:

    Apple rocks!

  7. Fart Nub says:

    Excellent morning, excellent morning, excellent morning, thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you for coming this morning

  8. Big'm Thugluv says:

    Sumsung Get Out! .

  9. Tommy Chong says:

    Yeah dude Steve was better at these things

  10. DJs Mobiles says:

    Watch the entire Apple iPhone 5 keynote presentation and be a part of the
    launch of Apple’s newest iPhone

  11. Kanen Jaganathan says:

    i got one and i LOVE it

  12. ManiBalaji C says:

    i like apple

  13. Vaishnav Shravan says:

    Miss Steve

  14. CosmicSword says:

    0:28 perfect scene for a flood

  15. George Loumbrinis says:

    Kind of realistic!

  16. boka choda says:

    can u upload these green screen videos please…

  17. Feby Aldian Rasbifa says:

    That was cool man!!!!

  18. aarodjsmash says:

    ive had that app before it cool as

  19. TheSpicylem0n says:

    Yes it’s free

  20. Ahmad Faqih says:

    in ipod also why

  21. Mohammed Elmaghrabi says:

    hey is this free app ?

  22. simon steiner says:

    waren früher noch alle gratis?!

  23. simon steiner says:

    da gibts noch kein star trek

  24. Niklas Schröder says:

    Du kannst gute Videos machen…

  25. DuckFaceOfEpicness says:

    How u get firefight?????????

  26. ppbbgay says:

    better then some real cleap movies effect

  27. Mohmad Tchetchen says:


  28. Yayo183 says:


  29. Студия "24" says:


  30. Thitima Kiti says:

    I reckon is very awesome

  31. Shahar Brenner says:

    Wow it’s so cool

  32. Gianni Villa says:

    How do you get the fire fight

  33. Macuy Garchi says:

    why do you despise that car!?

  34. Aaron Nguyen says:


  35. Saltypretzel312 says:

    nice video!

  36. Mitch200714 says:


  37. Saltypretzel312 says:

    you have to buy itt

  38. Saltypretzel312 says:

    you must not like cars


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