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Apple iPhone 5 promo video

The first promo video of the Apple iPhone 5, demonstrating some of the cool features of the new iOS flagship. Find more about the smartphone here:
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iPhone 5 by Apple The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. Creating an entirely new design meant inventing entirely new technology When we envisioned the new iPhone, we landed on a remarkably thin and light design. But it’s nearly impossible to make a device so thin and so light without sacrificing features or performance. We could have taken the easy way out and designed something more reasonable and less remarkable. But we didn’t. If the technology didn’t exist, we invented it. If a component wasn’t small enough, we re-imagined it. If convention was standing in the way, we left it behind. The result is iPhone 5: the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever. iPhone 5 is just 7.6 millimeters thin. To make that happen, Apple engineers had to think small, component by component. They created a nano-SIM card, which is 44 percent smaller than a micro-SIM. They also developed a unique cellular solution for iPhone 5. The conventional approach to building LTE into a world phone uses two chips — one for voice, one for data. On iPhone 5, both are on a single chip. The intelligent, reversible Lightning connector is 80 percent smaller than the 30-pin connector. The 8MP iSight camera has even more features — like panorama and dynamic low-light mode — yet it’s 20 percent smaller. And the new A6 chip is up to 2x faster than the A5 chip but 22 percent smaller. Even with so much inside, iPhone 5 is 20 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than iPhone 4S. It`s our thinnest

46 Responses to “Apple iPhone 5 promo video”

  1. Fl4mesdeath says:

    because of the Ipod’s popularity the Iphone was a more sought to choice since it was one or the other

  2. thonthon285 says:

    so.. you dont know galaxy?

  3. PaladinCapeRSMV says:

    They build everything. o.o whats the problem with building those?

  4. arshtechie says:

    they can’t answer that that’s y they keep arguing..

    by True apple fanboy.

  5. Tiranorex53 says:


  6. Sidione says:

    Samsung logic:
    Too expensive for me to buy = OMG what a horrible shitty phone

  7. mjoseph171 says:

    guys i have a question for android fans… if androids are better then why are iphones more popular?

  8. TheTwinTowers says:

    Damn good ones too :)

  9. hiswife2221 says:

    Yea which actually makes them smart. They’re making money in many different areas and not just phones, tablets, and computers.

  10. Hector Rodriguez says:

    doesnt samsung build vacumes and refrigerators? hahaha!!!

  11. 1LouieMan says:

    Its not all that apple lol but I am getting the iPod touch 5g :)

  12. Zeroasd693 says:

    Apple: We are introducing the iphone 5!
    Smart consumers: nah, that’s just an Iphone…4…lite with upgraded…carmera…lens.

  13. singleweird says:

    you’re an idiot

  14. singleweird says:

    i guess im referring to the device that people will interact with, not its internal structure

  15. JoJo MasTer says:

    way amınakoyim :D

  16. slash2k0 says:

    It’s much easier to list the bits that haven’t been redesigned, most of the phone uses brand new parts…

  17. skadonyt says:

    You don’t even know what you’re talking about. If “redesign” only means being exteriorly different for you, then you must be a Samsung fan, since Samsung redesigns the aspect keeping a non-stable hardware inside the “phone”, while Apple starts from the inside and then eventually changes the exterior design of the phone to improve it from the basics. But that’s something you just can’t figure out, you’re probably too narrow-minded to understand that.

  18. 123321gauri says:

    who do you think are full of shit apple or samsung

  19. KraToSs719 says:

    a.q nereye bakıo bu heyy amca len biz bu taraftayız :D

  20. Notreallyarrogant says:

    Still, no comparison to Apple – they are not only full of shit, they are shit in fact! As opposed to you and me.

  21. ayaz oguz says:

    Kadir’in videosundan gelenler up !

  22. UltimateTROLLbro says:

    A bit like you then?

  23. singleweird says:


  24. Acer157xxx says:

    I was watching this when it came out, and I got kicked out of my school’s library because I was laughing so loud.

  25. Nick Challis says:

    The world’s laughing at the iPhone 5, apple

  26. ericnomics1 says:

    ill wait till it get wider i got these big ass fingers

  27. DefiantDroid says:

    You’re lucky…iPHONEs are meant for iDIOTs.

  28. NozomiKarina says:

    I think I’m the only human being that still does not own an iPhone….

  29. mistermikgun says:

    just longer version of 4s =_=’

  30. dudubalaka says:


  31. TheOpticalGamer says:

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  32. mrgwaps says:

    Get it free! don’t know why people are buying it when you can get it free here iphone5beta .r8 .org
    I was amazed at how just inputting my email address got me that phone.

  33. MrCatalina31768 says:

    My 4s is still the shit and I’ll probably get the 6 when it comes out.

  34. ozera16 says:

    Both of my brothers traded their phone 5 back in and went back to the 4s . The dam thing chips so easily and does the same shit . Luck they have a 2 week refund money back .

  35. hudsonkline says:

    That’s pathetic

  36. tg72211 says:

    Bullshit, you bought an iPhone 5 right when they were first released? You then traded it in for another phone after a few weeks, while you had a CONTRACT on it? Just a Galaxy owner lying to make a point.

  37. GoldenMoments23 says:

    just traded my iphone 5 for galaxy s3 now I see why everyone loves galaxys :D

  38. exassinatorU96 says:


  39. wwwjairamjasnav says:

    I love apple

  40. MrBananaCast says:

    i don’t get this Question? almost all new phones has the iphones price except that iphones price stay on for 2 years before dropping, and yes i can afford one easily.

  41. MrWowzers567 says:

    Made me cry…..

  42. jusTraCCe says:

    One question: can you afford one?

  43. Goodeal415 says:

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  44. torty12344 says:

    Minor features? Then I guess you apply that to every smart phone that’s released. That’s what every tech. company does, release little tech at a time and make large profit. You obviously don’t get it. Apple, samsung, nokia, Lg, etc. have the power to do so many things, but release minor things to make profit. Software doesn’t count as features, I’m saying hardware.

  45. BookerWu1 says:

    This is total crap… I hate the new iPhone.

  46. Pisky1214 says:



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