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Apple – iPhone 5 – TV Ad – Music Every Day

Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone.
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iPhone 5 Screen Demo: Retina 1080p HD Video Playback. Now 4-inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio for better movie watching experience. Now the iPhone 5 has been a…
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25 Responses to “Apple – iPhone 5 – TV Ad – Music Every Day”

  1. aviv shapira says:

    I have ios 7 if that is matter

  2. aviv shapira says:

    I have an iphone 5 but when i watch movies that i bought on itunes i stil
    have the black bars at the top an at the buttom help?

  3. Sanzy6 says:

    I hate iphone because it’s not cheap.x_x

  4. Ricky Chan says:

    Thats like 240P not 1080P.

  5. harshil patel says:

    its about the video quality dumbass

  6. Goran Farkas says:

    I love iphone, but I have the die of waiting 30 min for video to be
    converted for iphone. So i will just stick to my GS3. When will apple
    introduce drag & drop?

  7. Fabricio V. says:

    They did upgrade it, but they only upgraded it to the point where they just
    barely match up to the competition. They did nothing special, and if
    anything made many of their loyal customers angry because of the stupid
    smaller connector which isn’t even a speed increase, so don’t praise apple
    for making a poor product.

  8. Hai Nguyen says:

    Android fans hate this vid just because there’s an iPhone, see how retard
    they are.

  9. thedarkside0007 says:

    damn now i am confused among iphone or one x or the new lumia

  10. jaxxknow says:

    how can i enjoy movies with this little screen?

  11. Tai Disla says:

    I don’t get what else people wanted, what else could you have done? And
    about the design, why change a masterpiece? The iPhone 4 is a beautiful
    piece or work, and so is the iPhone 5, because it is a similar design. Just

  12. LeoSstiSh says:

    same shit.. different size.

  13. Soccerfan2011ful says:

    only reason i like apple is because the menu is simple all i ask for in a

  14. altern8ive says:

    how about uploading in 1080p if that’s the whole subject of the video?

  15. NakeyMonkey101 says:

    I really hope the rumors about Dr. Strange being in Thor: The Dark World
    are true What’s that? This isn’t about Marvel, it’s about the iPhone 5?

  16. Gugle suck says:

    We are not retard were just specific people

  17. Infernoxblade52 says:

    You see, what you’re saying is that they brought the specs and internal
    blueprint of the phone itself up to date and that’s 100% correct! But the
    reason they keep coming out with new IPhones isn’t just to update the
    specs, it’s update the whole interface and experience when using apps and
    listening to music and what not. I mean come on! What other phone could you
    compare the fun that you have when on an IPhone with? IPhones are the phone
    that still makes people say “is that the new IPhone”? :D

  18. TechRadar says:

    Take a look at our channel – we’ve got videos with both white and black
    iPhone 5s. If you look at our iPhone 5 vs S3 speed test that has a white
    iPhone 5 in it. Thanks for watching!

  19. GeeksNbeats says:

    The fact that you think it has a fingerprint scanner shows you have no idea
    what you’re talking about. I find it funny how when Android fanboys insult
    Apple’s products, they only include one or two of the features that have
    been added (and usually pick the least impressive ones). I’m no Apple
    fanboy, I’m just stating facts. The iPhone 5 has a chip that is twice as
    fast, a larger screen, the new passbook digital wallet, turn-by-turn
    navigation, panoramic photos, and sadly I’m out of comment space

  20. midicronica1 says:

    TBH, just check out other phone reviews this gen and see what they have to
    offer. What Apple has done is just brought everything up to standard with
    it’s competitors and nothing more. I’m not hating on Apple and I was ready
    to throw my money at them for something amazing but what they did with the
    5th is the same with the 4s, nothing much.

  21. alwaleed4970 says:

    iphone is suke . galaxy3 and one x best phone

  22. Daniel Pineda says:

    the phone cannot playback in 720p or 1080p since the screen is only 640p

  23. Jayson Or says:

    watching movies on iphone is boring, screen too small, GO ANDROID GALAXY S4
    for the win

  24. Jayson Or says:

    all that is true, but it is still small lol

  25. ashkanmosavi says:

    Why even make a review …i mean you make a review when a new phone comes
    out…this is a streched out iphone4/4s……i had a iphone 4 before i got
    the GS3….apple is so overrated !!!


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