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Apple – iPhone 5s – The all-new iSight camera.

E&#957&#1077r&#1091 day, more photos &#1072r&#1077 taken w&#1110th th&#1077 iPhone th&#1072n &#1072n&#1091 &#959th&#1077r camera. And now w&#1110th th&#1077 &#1072ll-n&#1077w iSight camera &#959n iPhone 5s, &#1110t’s even simpler t&#959 &#1077nd up w&#1110th … – iCracked, th&#1077 world’s best iPhone, iPod, &#1072nd iPad repair company, shows &#1091&#959&#965 h&#959w t&#959 repair &#1091&#959&#965r iPhone 5 w&#1110th th&#1077&#1110r Official iPhone …

23 Responses to “Apple – iPhone 5s – The all-new iSight camera.”

  1. TraumaER says:

    Why not just use a screen bodyguard for $1 from China?

  2. Cj Blunk says:

    Now my question is does the black screen gathering work the way it should as he took it apart but never place it back together and turned it on to see if everything worked correctly. I mean of course the white one was gonna work correctly bc he didn’t tare the whole gathering apart (the home button, front camera, etc.) he only did that to the black one but never place the black phone back together to see if everything worked like it should…

  3. SamahR says:

    I got my kit today, I followed this video, and it’s as excellent as new now. Thanks! :)

  4. RocKo Lee Gutierrez says:

    Ordered from I cracked, extremely pleased, I recommend this, fantastic service, I had to use this video to help me(too bone idle to read the given instructions) again very satisfied

  5. Ben Stevenson says:

    took the screen off, couldn’t take out the battery so took the digitiser off and place it back together because I couldn’t go any further and now my phone wont turn on

  6. NotUsingMyRealNameGoogle says:


  7. Phoebe Torrance says:

    Hi, looking for some help, I succeeded in changing the screen but the signal now doesn’t work…help? Thanks

  8. Alex Lyness says:


  9. dudebro27 says:

    I replaced mine and it was fine for 30 mins or so. Then it started glitching, such as opening and closing things, and not responding to my fingers. Could it be because i didnt disconnect the battery like you mentioned?

  10. cobra012297 says:

    Distress shoot by opening her back up and messing around. If I would take a guess the adhesive came undone and just needs to be re-stuck to the board.

  11. cobra012297 says:

    Thanks for this video! I just replaced my screen and felt confident after watching. Covered everything, thanks again.

  12. Job Mckee says:

    My suction cup popped off at 3:48 , and the screen shattered… Any tips on how to PRESERVE the digitizer? I placed the suction cup RIGHT ABOVE the home button, and was not using excessive force.
    +1 for an awesome guide and incredible company.

  13. Job Mckee says:

    No. An iPhone 4/4s is disassembled from back-to-front, and the screen is nearly the last component to be removed. Thus, small to no precise maneuvering is required.

  14. ahmed mohsen says:

    this video isn’t helpful << this talking about the componant missgided

  15. Himanshu Singh says:

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  16. Brandon Palmer says:

    no, don’t try it

  17. zarif chowdhury says:

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  18. Rhea Bucknor says:

    so basically one of the screws wont come out. :/

  19. candice black says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to make such a helpful tutorial. My boyfriend has managed to replace my screen with everything working correctly. Just a note to anyone considering doing this themselves, our tool pack Philips screw driver was crap, rounded down a screw! So we went to our local DIY store and got a excellent one for 4€. Job was simple from then on. Thanks again!

  20. hungryjackzz says:

    My home button stopped working after replacing the LCD screen. Everything else works, just the home button. Any clue why, and how to fix it?

    Thank you!

  21. Aedan Payne says:

    Does the clam bombard method work for an iPhone 4?

  22. endthedisease says:

    How much money do smart phone repair guys make?

  23. Andy Chung says:

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