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Apple Special Event March 7 2012 iPad 3 the new ipad Full Apple Keynote March 2012 (FULL)

Apple Special Event March 7 2012 iPad 3 Full Apple Keynote March 2012 (FULL)

We demo the new iPad3 feature of Edge-to-Edge Retina display separately in this new iPad 3 Concept video. Subscribe Now to our Channel:…
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50 Responses to “Apple Special Event March 7 2012 iPad 3 the new ipad Full Apple Keynote March 2012 (FULL)”

  1. MeddiGaming says:

    siri is your best friend – they are talking to people who dont have friends

  2. Mark Venning says:

    wish that was steve jobs there

  3. Jacob Reimold says:

    haha the restiricted warning in the beginning of the video

  4. 47crazed says:

    iOS is the BEST

  5. RuuT Ratchapon says:

    Apple – Special Event March 7 2012 iPad 3 Full Apple Keynote March 2012

  6. Alex Miller says:

    22:05 i love his face when he says the android version of twitter is a
    blown up smart phone app

  7. ZenMunster says:

    Get your scammy CPA bullshit away from here.

  8. MrAlpha2095 says:

    games like NOVA 3/2 or 1 or MC 1,2,3,4 Infinity blade II and true blood are
    all real games to me, especially the latest ones are equal to the games on
    a ps3 or xbox, and to be honest, the 3ds is more like a minigamer for
    children (I’m not trying to be offensive ;) but cmon, the 3 DS isn’t a
    heavy gaming console. of course there are small games like AB or CTR, but
    there are also real games ;D

  9. tiffany fan says:

    i wish steve is still here….:'(

  10. SiggaFilmaEHF says:

    i hate my pc computer so i am gonna get my self an macbook pro

  11. egreg egeg says:

    Getting iPad 3 on Black Friday

  12. Ivan Balajić says:

    Not so “NEW” anymore huh?

  13. GeekReviewsDOTcom says:

    I know right. The closest apple store to me is like 45-50 minutes away.

  14. Boyan Kolev says:

    I am so looking forward to the WWDC 2013.

  15. Mike Mark says:

    I’d go with the new ipad because of the retina display.

  16. Stephen K says:

    Its a weeping angel 0:05:48

  17. MrQuentini says:

    The most useful comment of all time.

  18. Joseph Munoz says:

    :O this was on my birthday :D, hate iOS though lol

  19. daniel hardman says:

    Because for a product that thin and of that power 10 hrs i a great amount
    of battery life and 499 is a fairly reasonable price for a high-end tablet?

  20. kevin jeet Singh says:

    I m watching on my iPad 3

  21. username7046 says:

    can’t wait to get the ipad 5 lol

  22. Charles Chen says:

    nah, im just more demanding feel like 20 hrs might be attainable after 2
    yrs, even though spec is enhanced didn’t feel like any dramatic
    improvement, not worth it for 499

  23. JamieJohnson says:

    I like the iPad, but I think Apple are a little bit far-fetched when they
    say that the iPad/iPod touch is the best gaming device. It’s good for
    games, but I would much rather use my Vita or 3DS for gaming. iOS mostly
    has small, mini games but I like a full fledge console games

  24. MyDarkMuffin says:


  25. MrMaljong says:

    What happened to Infinity Blade dungeons

  26. ashley3154 says:

    You should work for apple instead of making videos. It looks like you could
    offer them some amazing and brilliant ideas. Btw I like your vids! :)

  27. amanda12345678910mac says:

    It would drain the battery keeping the sensors on all the time.

  28. ratking102 says:

    I love the concept, but I don’t like that the green screen on the pad
    reflex onto your fingers

  29. 789overdrive says:

    wow! it freak me out

  30. dominize2 says:

    there isnt frontal camera!!!!

  31. TheAlexman112 says:

    and for those below who are looking for an iPad 2 for Free, simply go to: My 18 years brother just got one in his mail this
    morning, awesome stuff!

  32. some14460 says:

    fake that screen is fake

  33. luknukem2 says:

    HOLY FAKe… O.o fuuuuuuuuu ಥ_ಥ

  34. MrCcysio says:

    But this concept can still work. When you hold your tablet you touch both
    sides of it. Imagine if back of it would be touch sensitive. It would
    recognize hand youre holding tablet and ignore your thumb touching
    touchscreen :D What do you think about it?

  35. Felipe Rodrigues says:

    it looks bigger that some awesome work man

  36. Charlie Quinn says:

    What le FUCKKK!?!?!? This makes istone- sorry ipad 2 look like…
    err…well…a sandwishhh :D x

  37. haaax20 says:

    my dick stood up

  38. 0bloodystone says:

    Thanks for telling me about the green screen cause they had me fooled… It
    still looks cool though ^_^

  39. l2apture says:


  40. senan imranov says:

    bunlar hamisi yalandi steve jobsun vefatinan sonra apple firmasi gerilemeye
    basladi yeni i pad 3 ipad 2 ferqlenmir

  41. Tyler Evans says:

    Omg I want to believe u

  42. Jamie B says:

    We all know its fake but its awesome ether way

  43. justin case says:

    Very nice if it was real

  44. aaddaamm54 says:

    Fake !

  45. drsgtpotatoe says:

    How did y’all create this stuff with the apple products? Why not let
    everyone have it

  46. alex91008 says:

    Edge to Edge display is such a stupid ass idea.

  47. johno4me says:

    not anymore!

  48. lewisfroom says:

    A big problem with this concept would be that your hand you’re using to
    hold the device will interfere with the touchscreen, Great video, though.

  49. SuperJkiller1 says:

    you’re such an idiot

  50. markmosco says:

    love it!


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