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Apple unveils smaller, faster iPhone 5

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller provides specs on Apple’s new iPhone 5. Watch the full unveiling at …
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50 Responses to “Apple unveils smaller, faster iPhone 5”

  1. MrLogicChannel says:

    Tim’s not gonna be at Apple for long..He just doesn’t possess that driving
    personality that screams innovation, style, perfection! Steve, rip, had
    that drive, that inner strength & vision towards change & the evolution of
    his products. Apple needs a visionary, a person who possesses the ability
    to not only take chances with an insane product but be inventive &
    innovative such as Steve was… Tim Cook is NOT that guy. He may be good in
    other areas but his attitude & personality is boring/lacklstr

  2. laurenfeb8 says:

    Congradulations Apple, your one step closer to becoming just like samsung!

  3. razgmk says:

    someone please shoot the coughing guy

  4. Shehab Samy says:

    me too !

  5. hiphopaddict007 says:

    And the sheep will line up to buy it. Ridiculous! It has .30 inches more
    screen real estate and a new connector… Welcome to the year 2009 Mac..

  6. ajaxkiller15 says:

    I don’t think being a fanboy is a good thing lol…. For any company or
    program, OS.

  7. Cydia Guy says:

    So glad iswitched from 4s to s3 android all the way

  8. sw40lover says:

    I’ve owned both iPhones n adroids yes androids always have the newest tech
    but they also have a lot of problems iPhone are limited in ability but
    that’s what u have to do to get a phone that is almost problem free can’t
    wait to switch back to iPhone

  9. tooosweeet says:

    Oh please, this is exactly Steve Jobs style. Unveil a new iphone that costs
    only 8 dollars to manufacture, is the same as the old one, and just a
    little bit thinner and a little bit faster.

  10. TheEACentral says:

    Samsung makes this phone look like shit.

  11. YeaItsMeAndImBack says:

    As you can see they fucked up lighting lol

  12. SUPERMegaGaGaTV2 says:

    Android Ca. 0-40$ (€) Apple 600€ with SIM card ? Without 2950$ WTF WH.
    Android 600 – 800 Ps. I hate NOT apple

  13. TOY5OLDI3R24 says:

    this guy didnt make a intro like Steve usually did like intro the new stuff
    and also said the public needed a new phone for more demand stuff like that
    and then says “we called it…..Iphone 5″ *clapping*

  14. gamejv2010belic says:

    We can already do all this things on Windwos Phone or Android. THIS IS NOT
    A REVOLUTION like the iPhone 4. Apple disappoints me again.

  15. davidlm6974 says:


  16. kiriller says:

    WOOOOOOO 4GS IS BEST PHONE EVERRRRR fuck apple… (iphone 5 year owner…
    ex owner…)

  17. baburam thapa says:

    s3 is better

  18. ChadPark05 says:

    @aantill Bitch please, apple copying droid? Where do you think google maps,
    multitouch, or visual voicemail started? I phone 1

  19. necessary evil says:

    The Iphone is like a Toyota Camry. Its reliable, cheap to make, well known
    and so many are sold that the manufacture is scared to drastically change
    the formula. Im no longer impressed with the “new IPhone”.

  20. SouljahSingh1 says:

    Samsung clearly won this round. So disappointing.

  21. jason dogan says:


  22. Abel Kocsis says:

    Is it just me or did it seem like he was setting up to reveal that it will
    have wireless charging only to not.

  23. jip laan says:

    where’s all the applause?

  24. Rita Mitchell says:

    Does anyone know if Siri can use maps & look for places in Australia, on
    the iphone 5 ? I have the 4s here and Siri can’t look for places in
    Australia. So Im just wondering .. ?

  25. demblackfeet says:

    Imma stay with my iPhone 4S, next year ill get the iPhone 5S

  26. Kamo_Hero says:

    How are you going to recommend youtube when this video is posted on

  27. galaxymariosuper says:

    Haha guys… That purple led above the screen is the infrared sensor that
    indicates whether you hold your iPhone next to your ear so the screen can
    be turned off while phoning eg. 

  28. Shane Cornell says:

    Am I the only one who noticed it was 420 when he showed the twitter app?

  29. Benjamin Philip says:

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  30. Kevin Parker says:

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  31. Freddie Webster says:

    Looks like that light is the screen dimmer timer haha because when he lift
    his hands off the screen


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  33. chandra budiawan says:

    how ?

  34. Brian Carter says:

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    iPhone5Break . C O M*

  35. Brahim Jbari says:

    What About Games !??

  36. Tal Sal says:

    whe make you the light by your i phone 5 ? 

  37. Jordan Scarrott says:

    How did you get that flash at the top of the phone the red one 

  38. anoop awasthi says:

    Good app for making fool

  39. 1stk8 says:

    its just something that the camera hes recording with captures…. our eyes
    can see it …

  40. ikkebendebeste1 says:

    How you do the purple light?

  41. Jashan Naddha says:

    purple light is video camera which is recording the video

  42. Omar AlOmari says:

    you dont say !

  43. Bilal Wazir says:


  44. sandeep valluri says:

    tablet freeSell initiated

  45. KrizzerV says:

    How much gb does he have to have to play 10gb worth of games?

  46. Mark Cano says:

    uv ray, same as what your remote has

  47. arno clerens says:

    Wtf is thats red led ? Lol how do you get that ?

  48. Roman Butenko says:

    How did u get the LED on the phone

  49. Free IPhone 5S says:


  50. David Lynge says:

    That light you see is ultraviolet light coming from the phone. Only
    camera’s pick it up, but I’m not sure what it is used for.


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