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Belkin screen protector for iPad installation video

Check out our step by step instructions on how to install a perfect, bubble free screen protector.

5 Responses to “Belkin screen protector for iPad installation video”

  1. Carole Lowe says:

    What a waste of £15 this screen protector is.I didn’t get a dust sticker in
    the pack a total load of rubbish, you should be ashamed Belkin selling such
    crap .I chose your product over the cheaper products too never ever again.

  2. Ferdy Lugito says:

    i followed the instructions and no bubble :)

  3. Martijn Lokker says:

    This is bullshit, i got this from my parents. I just tried to instal it,
    and i didn’t get the dust sticker. Also there were still a lot of bubbles
    under my screen. So i took the protector of and saw that it had become
    nasty, but i cleaned my ipad very very good. Now i can’t get the dust and
    fingerprint off the protector so i have to go back to the store to see what
    they can do. Thanks belkin, trew away 15 euro’s for nothing

  4. biggamehunters2 says:

    i had no bubble trouble lol just that stupid stuff called dust grrrrr.

  5. Michał Bukowski says:

    It’s impossible to remove all of the bubbles :(


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