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Best Apps for the iPad Air

See a complete list of the Best Apps for the iPad Air. Including apps that let you play flash games on your iPad, store secret files, and more! Let us know w…
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25 Responses to “Best Apps for the iPad Air”

  1. Joel Verrier says:

    Getting an iPad Air for Christmas!

  2. Peter Foster says:

    I so wish I could offer 10000000 points but I would be so happy if you
    would enter code 6Y7X3Q because I just got started and you would not
    believe how wonderful that would be!!!! PLEEEEEASE!!? Thank you so much YOU

  3. Dunestorm says:

    I absolutely love my new iPad Air! I also love my Nexus 4 phone so I’m
    defiantly not biased towards either brand. I do have to say that Apple
    still make the best tablets hands down and iPhone is certainly on par with
    the best Google devices :)

  4. jakobeng1303 says:

    noteshelf is my favourite productivity app

  5. George Bradley says:

    Minecraft is my best app

  6. ryan DeMerchant says:


  7. Son Nguyen says:

    adobe reader

  8. kembooo000 says:

    The idea of taking pictures of people trying to break a password is just
    stupid. This shit happen to me I break the tablet

  9. noughtii faya says:

    i brought an Ipad air…
    now im in Sri lanka, i changed my region as sri lanka and now all the
    menu’s and stuff changed into Sinhala font how to change it to standard
    english its pretty awkward because i dont know sinhala
    help me

  10. ELYAZID NIZAR says:

    Why are you talking about ipad air its can be used on and ipad

  11. The MVP Hut says:

    I absolutely love my iPad with the retina which is basically the fourth
    generation. You should name this video best iPad apps not just the air,
    ones that can use ios 7 but great video.

  12. SQUAREHEAD says:

    appdown does not work for shit 

  13. SonyAndMaggi says:

    100th like :)

  14. Luis Bezerra says:

    Just add ipad 4 since the difference between ipad 4 and ipad Air is just
    weight and ipad 4 having a much powerful battery 11000mah against 8000mah
    of the air. Processor speed difference is nil. 

  15. Jenna Haussmann says:

    Definitely gonna get some of these for my iPad air

  16. andy yalda says:

    The best game is flappy bird

  17. Josh Woodman says:

    Really useful video, thanks!

  18. xbox best says:

    I movie

  19. ian tait says:

    Just got my pad air :)

  20. d s says:


  21. Giacomo Novara says:

    any suggestion for an app able to read FDF files (it is something similar
    to a pdf) in Safari, Chrome, Firefox or you know if any other browser is
    able to open it?

  22. TheTjk12 says:

    @Joel Verrier cool. Guess how I made this comment. :)

  23. T.J. Calcutt says:

    wow birds!

  24. toon ziegler says:

    noob no games?


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