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BioShock | iOS iPhone / iPad Preview –

PocketGamer’s Mark Brown talks you through the first footage the upcoming iPhone and iPad version of landmark FPS classic Bioshock. Visit…
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25 Responses to “BioShock | iOS iPhone / iPad Preview –”

  1. Kane Resurrected says:

    *Only a superior smartphone with impeccable optimization can play Bioshock
    on a weak mobile chip.* *iPhone with iOS 8 is capable of such feat, the
    superior METAL API will help deliver true console GFX and unmatched
    performance on iPhone/iPad.* *Sadly Android isn’t quite in the same league
    as iOS in-terms of gaming, despite having a more powerful chip and RAM in
    their latest flagship devices.*

  2. Strospiteri says:

    The goodnews : Smartphones are now powerful enough to play early xbox 360

    The badnews: 2K shelved Bioshock Vita…for this? I mean, it’s nice and all
    but really?

  3. Redon Bejtullahu says:

    any chance this to coem to android

  4. TheJonoChannel says:

    Thank metal for this. (Metal is how PC/ consoles games come on the iPad

  5. Hamad SAGER says:

    من صجهم bioshock على الايفون ؟ 

  6. merritt2014 says:

    It looks fucking horrible, lmao… Why not make a ps4/xbox one port instead
    of this fucking shit?

  7. Nick Wellington says:

    Wish the iPod 4 was still relevant, then I could actually play this game.
    Not just play on mobile, to actually play for the first time. I don’t have
    a console or PC or even Mac

  8. hametroful says:

    Why?Have mercy on android users

  9. Njuman says:

    looks rough graphicly. looks like i’m still going to use my laptop to play

  10. dante inferno says:

    Wow that picture that 2k posted on Twitter was this
    I thought it was gonna be the remastered version, more like the demastered

  11. h2ozmanx2 says:

    Alright it’s a thing. I would have much preferred a Vita version but I
    guess this is okay..? But seriously this was their big gameplan..?
    Impressive they brought it to iOS and stuff but this was unnecessary.
    What’s next Crisis 3 on a Calculator? (Relax it’s a joke) 

  12. Steven Lornie says:

    Well that is just stupid. We have game console for playing games you
    idiots. It looks like a PS2 port!

  13. Szabolcs Varga says:

    Droidra akarom most!

  14. WiiManElite says:

    If this port is possible with Metal on iOS 8, I gotta say, it looks
    unfinished as I see the texture is poorer compare to 360 version. Come on.
    I’ve seen other iOS games before iOS 7 that looks better than this (NOVA 3)

  15. Killian Billian says:

    Hmmm, I dunno about this, look very attractive…… But currently still
    addicted to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ios right now……

  16. HeyItsSteffyCush says:


  17. Grant Pierce says:

    I was hoping for an HD remake of the origonal Bioshock. Oh well…

  18. MuffinBoss says:

    THIS IS AWESOME !!!! CANT WAIT FOR IT !!! SOO EXCITED !!! Hopefully they do
    it for borderlands too 

  19. TheCODster16 says:

    So…I’m assuming no ipod 5 support? :(

  20. Nohiro says:

    i’m not agains mobile gaming , BUT THAT IS BULLSHIT. it’s the worst idea
    you can ever have . making a port of bioshock and don’t adapt it to the
    support is the BIGGEST MISTAKE you can do.

  21. TheFlyingShaft says:

    its amazing how iPads can run Bioshock 1. I’m hoping for B. Infinite iOS/
    andriod version in the near future. :D

  22. Lionalliance says:

    Come on, no vita version?!!

  23. Eugenian Toons says:

    The cancer. I was so excited for a new Bioshock. Bioshock seems like a bad
    game to be on mobile.

  24. Nguetie Boris says:

    next step DISHONORED!! seriously i hope we’ll get more ports of hardcore
    last gen titles like this. it’ll put mobile gaming on a hole new level.
    though i hope they’ll update those visuals for next devices and “metal”.

  25. inyaface808jr says:

    why wont they publish it on android. android has a much more powerful


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