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Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 16:9 Resistive Touchscreen, Black MID7034-4

Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 16:9 Resistive Touchscreen, Black MID7034-4

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 7 inches Spectacle
  • All winner A5 1 GHz
  • 4 GB Flash Memory, 0.5 GB RAM Memory
  • 802_11_BGN wireless
  • Getjar Marketplace
  • 512MB Ram F&#959r Multitasking
  • E-Reader W&#1110th Access T&#959 Thousands Of Books
  • Micro SDHC Memory Card Slot
  • Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery

7-Inch ANDROID OS 4.0 Resistive Touchscreen tablet 16:9, Access well l&#959&#957&#1077d games &#1072nd apps fr&#959m th&#1077 GetJar marketplace, All-&#1110n-1 device t&#959 browse th&#1077 web, watch YouTube videos, check Send b&#1091 e-mail &#1072nd much more, Plays well l&#959&#957&#1077d internet video, music, &#1072nd photo formats, E-Reader w&#1110th access t&#959 thousands &#959f books, 4GB Domestic memory plus microSDHC memory card slot t&#959 store &#1091&#959&#965r music, photos, &#1072nd videos, 512MB RAM f&#959r seamless multi-tasking, Wireless internet w&#1110th Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Hours &#959f &#965&#1109&#1077 w&#1110th rechar

List Price: $ 109.99

Price: $ 86.32

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  1. Lara says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Just got it, no Google Play, but Netflix can be installed. UPDATE Built-in!, October 30, 2012
    Lara (United States) –

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)

    Just got it today, so I am giving it a 4 star (sadly last update Jan 2013, I had to reduce 2 stars from my review) and will update this review as I use it. Here goes…

    I was eye balling the new Ipad (yeah, I am all things Mac), but honestly could not justify the $500+ (already have a macbook air that I can slip in my bag) for simply needing a tablet that can stream Netflix and perhaps some kids apps. My daughter likes watching Curious George, hence I needed a reasonable tablet that can keep her busy while visiting my workshop.

    I got this after reading the reviews for Coby Kyros MID7015 Coby Kyros MID7015 7-Inch Android Internet Touchscreen Tablet – Black – so I knew many had said no Netflix (because there is no Google Play for this small guy), but I took a gamble (after reading that some people found a way around the no Google Play issue) and ordered the new version (MID7036-4) anyhow.

    Involving to wireless was a breeze, the MID7036-4 comes with an app called GetJar, which will allow you to download many of the apps I was looking for, such as Netflix. But I went ahead and downloaded 1mobile (dot) com and downloaded Netflix, Mad Birds with ease. I used GetJar to download some puzzles and kids educational apps for my daughter.

    Netflix has been working without any issues and so did the Mad Birds (ahem, for me!). I have to admit, I was sure it was heading right back, but there is a way around no Google Play.

    Wanted to do a instant review for people in my shoes, looking for a compact tablet that was reasonable and was for Netflix etc…

    Please note that this is not an Ipad (or similar high end tablet) corresponding as far as resolution goes, but it is perfect for my needs. resolution is excellent enough, the touch screen is very reactive and functions fantastic, the size is just right and has fit my Kindle Touch cover with ease.

    I will post more as I use it. Hope this helps :)

    Small Update / Nov 2nd, 2012
    1. The battery life is about 2-3 hours while using Netflix.
    2. Connects to 2.4G but not to 5G band on my router.
    3. Connects to my Macbook Air and allows me to drag and drop music, photos with ease.

    Update / Nov 20th, 2012
    1. Connects to my Windows (Sony laptop + other desktop) and I can drag movies and photos with ease.
    2. Can download Kindle reader from 1mobile(dot)com and read my kindle books (attaching images on the product for you all).
    3. GetJar app that this comes w does not have a lot of the apps I can get from Amazon or 1mobile
    4. Can add the tablet to my Amazon account and use the Kindle Fire apps.
    5. Can set parental control w/ the Android Parental Control app.

    Update / Nov 24th 2012
    1. Installed Amazon Appstore, nice addition to my Imobile app store.
    2. Send by e-mail set up: Was a breeze, I clicked send by e-mail icon and entered my gmail address and followed the screen instructions. Send by e-mail synced and works fantastic.
    3. Downloaded Youtube app from Imobile (looked for it under the Amazon Appstore, but could not find it). Installed Youtube and it works fantastic.
    4. Can open PDF files w/ Adobe Reader that is already installed in this tablet. There is also Office Suite in this tablet.

    Next up, testing the battery life for Kindle books :)

    Update / January 4, 2013 (Down 2 stars!)
    1. Kindle book battery life time is about 3 hours.
    2. The power jack (dc input) socket on the tablet is fragile, awkward and poor at best. It needs a light hand to plug the power adaptor (in order to charge). If you allow your youngster they may break this when pushing the power adaptor in. Knowing what I know about this tablet’s poor power jack socket, I’d not be able to suggest this tablet whole heartedly (unless you have buyers protection w/ your credit card, like I did, and can get an simple refund incase yours breaks under 90 days).

    COBY, how could you skimp on the power jack socket? Not cool at all! :/

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  2. Bron "Bron" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Seems like a excellent budget tablet value, November 1, 2012
    Bron “Bron” (Richmond, VA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)

    Like the other reviewer, I had been considering the earlier model of this device, but due to the small price difference, it made sense to go or the latest model with the capacitive screen. The unit comes nicely packaged with a printed blue-collar, a slip case, a micro fiber cleaning cloth (small), a USB cable, AC mount, the tablet, and and some other cards, offers, and info. All in all, a excellent quality box and package making for a nice first impression.

    I charged the battery and then turned on the tablet. It booted up quickly and I set up my wifi connection with no problems at all. Pretty much like any Android tablet. There are a few basic apps installed (music, video, send by e-mail, gallery (pics/vid, YouTube, etc.) and the GetJar app market. You can read all about this under the 7015 (Coby Kyros MID7015 7-Inch Android Internet Touchscreen Tablet – Black)reviews, so I won’t repeat it here. As others mention, you can use the 1mobile, Amazon or other app stores, and you can also download app packages to your PC and transfer them to the 7036 and run them to install. (I will update once I’ve had more time to install and test additional apps.)

    If you used any of the larger automobile GPS units, this device will look very familiar. The screen quality is similar, but fine for this price point. Viewing angles are acceptable, contrast and black levels are not as excellent as pricier models, but are acceptable for this price. One plus is that this unit has a USB port (for pc-tablet data transfers) and a micro SD card slot. Many cheaper tablets do not. The screen flips to the genteel orientation quickly as needed and as expected. I like having the physical (back) button on the right side (in normal landscape mode). You also have the usual touch screen functions, of course, but this sits right under your thumb and is very well-located.

    The 7036-4 has 4 GB domestic flash, 512 MB RAM and a decent 1 GHz processor. The screen is not as excellent as those on higher priced tablets, but it is acceptable. 800×600 would have been better, but 800×480 is excellent enough for video/photos. Text suffers though. The touch screen works fine and is very responsive. The case is plastic and the unit is honestly light consequence, but the quality seems fine for the asking price.

    There is no camera in this model (the 7048 includes one for only a few dollars more), but, the thing I really miss is bluetooth. Bluetooth allows the simple connection of external speakers and wireless headphones. You can buy Bluetooth adapters that can plug into the earphone jack, but this is not nearly as well-located, especially since the earphone jack is, unfortunately, located on the bottom, right corner of the unit. Not sure what they were thinking, but it is not a very well-located location, in my opinion. (Well, it’s OK if you use this primarily holding it in your hands, but if you place it on a stand as I often do, it’s a minor problem.)

    The Android 4 ICS OS installed is pretty much vanilla which is fine with me. I felt right at home (I have numerous other Android devices.) I have both smaller and larger units, this medium size unit is a excellent size for portable video viewing. The sound is OK, it’s mono (only one speaker), but quality is excellent enough, though most people will probably use headphones. No GPS, but wifi location works as expected.


    *** So far, this device is meeting my goal of a smaller, more portable Android tablet. My Thrive is way better, but it’s also larger and heavier. So for “grab and go” trips around town, this is a better choice. Plus if I drop or loose it, less pain than if it were my much more expensive Thrive (which I like, a super tablet). ***

    – 800×480 Screen quality is OK for the price (not fantastic, but acceptable). Videos look pretty excellent, but text pixels are readily visible (see update below*). Viewing angles acceptable. Black levels adequate. Average quality, but excellent enough for this price.
    – Performance is snappy by and large.
    – Build quality seems OK for the price point.
    – Android OS is fantastic. No proprietary “tweaks” that I noticed.
    – Nicely packaged with slip case, cleaning cloth, USB Cable, mount, etc.
    – Has a USB port and a micro SD card slot (often missing in cheaper tablets)
    – Painless setup right out of box. Booted up and worked fine.
    – No camera, no GPS, no Bluetooth (alas!)
    – Videos played fine and looked excellent. YouTube HD vids work fine. SD Netflix played fine.
    – Mono speaker, but excellent enough in a pinch. Earphone jack available, of course, and stereo sound quality was fine when I plugged in my external stereo speaker.
    – Frivolous, portable, feels solid enough.
    – Brilliant value for what you get – excellent bang for the buck.

    (*Text: I went into settings and changed the text size from…

    Read more

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  3. Sean says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    It is inexpensive…, November 9, 2012

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)

    Well, for what it costs, it’s just barely tolerable. I bought it to test developing with Android. For that function, as a lowest ordinary denominator device, it works honestly admirably. On the other hand, this is nearly the bare bones minimum you need to do Netflix / surf the web / play games etc. This thing is just barely quick enough to play Netflix SD. For light web, book reading and send by e-mail, it would serve pretty well given the price. I plot on buying one for my Mom, and maybe as a handle for one of my kids if they do well in school. But it’s certainly no Nexus 7 or iPad. But hey, it is cheap as all get out, and it works, so that’s pretty hard to argue with.

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