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Coby Kyros 8-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 4:3 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen with Built-In Camera, Black MID8048-4

Coby Kyros 8-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 4:3 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen w&#1110th Built-In Camera, Black MID8048-4

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 8 inches Spectacle
  • All winner A5 1 GHz
  • 4 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory
  • 802_11_BGN wireless
  • Built-&#1110n front-facing camera &#1072nd microphone
  • 8″ LCD Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen
  • 800 X 480 Resolution
  • E- Book Reader
  • High- Speed 1 GHZ Processor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N

8-Inch ANDROID OS 4.0 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen tablet 4:3, Access well l&#959&#957&#1077d games &#1072nd apps fr&#959m th&#1077 GetJar marketplace, All-&#1110n-1 device t&#959 browse th&#1077 web, watch YouTube videos, check Send b&#1091 e-mail &#1072nd much more, Plays well l&#959&#957&#1077d internet video, music, &#1072nd photo formats, E-Reader w&#1110th access t&#959 thousands &#959f books, 4GB Domestic memory plus microSDHC memory card slot t&#959 store &#1091&#959&#965r music, photos, &#1072nd videos, 1GB RAM f&#959r seamless multi-tasking, Wireless internet w&#1110th Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Hours &#959f &#965&#1109&#1077 w&#1110th re

List Price: $ 219.99

Price: $ 109.99

3 Responses to “Coby Kyros 8-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 4:3 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen with Built-In Camera, Black MID8048-4”

  1. Janowbi says:
    259 of 268 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Coby Kyros 1042-8, October 24, 2012

    Okay, I’ve had this small gem for about 5 days now. I was looking for a ten inch tab, but didn’t have a lot of cash. I already have the Acer Iconia A-100, which is a fantastic tablet. But i wanted a 10 incher. When i first got it, it ran fine but there was no Google App Store, bummer, So I got the Amazon App Store. everything was working fine but when I loaded Netflix it didn’t work, the app loaded fine but the screen would just go bemused. I called Coby Customer Service and they said it was a problems with Adobe flash not running right? Anyways, with Coby you really get a live person but, you may not get one that knows anything. So i looked around on the internet and found that this is a problem with the tablet. I also found a solution. A tech advised to reboot the system and erase factory files. Here is the message —- “Power the unit off (holding power buttom) and selecting Power off, then hold simultaneusly back button and on buttom 8 seconds,when the android icon appears push the back button, in the menu select wipe data/factory reset pressing home buttom and then push back buttom, in the next screen select “yes delete all user data” pressing back buttom, and in the next screen select “reboot system now” with the back buttom and wait. IT WORK FOR MY TABLET.” ——

    After doing this download the Excellent e-Reader app store through Getjar. The Excellent e-Read app store has everything. Netflix now works fantastic on my tablet. I was also able to down load pretty much every app the Google Play Store has. They even have the Google Play Store app. Anyways, after doing this my tablet runs smoother, seems to be nearer and everything works. Took this tablet from a 3 to a 5 star. I now like this tablet. Oh, when doing this it will erase things (music, pics, videos) on the tablet but not on the SD Card.

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  2. Darrell Meece says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    fantastic for certain things, September 15, 2012
    Darrell Meece (East Lansing, MI United States) –

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)

    This is for the 10″ coby. I got it to replace the functions of an e-ink kindle. I wanted to be able to read books, surf some simple web pages, maybe check my e-mail and calendar, play some simple games. I liked the thought of a larger screen that I could see page-size pdf (and maybe a comic book) on. It turns out that this tablet is fine for those needs.

    It really seems made pretty well. The touch screen seems to work well – by way of comparison, I’ve had a couple of older tablet pc’s, and older windows ce pda’s, my wife has an older resistive touch 7″ android, I have an android phone. So on the one hand I’ve used a lot of touch screens, on the other, I can remember when you had to have a proprietary batter-powered stylus to use one. So to me, the touch screen seems pretty excellent, but I don’t know how that will translate to others. It is a finger photograph magnet and picks up smudges like mad. It is perfectly adequate for e-book reading and playing simple android games.

    I am an average sized male and the size is fine for me for a huge book reader. The trade off of the larger screen is that you have a larger device to hold. I can just “palm” it with one hand – it is 16 X 9 so it seems longer than it does wide. I don’t reckon it is too large to be a comfortable reader.

    The wi-fi together in a snap, couldn’t be simpler. One thing that is sort of annoying is that everytime I resume from a suspend I have to disconnect and reconnect the wi-fi for it to connect. I haven’t figured a way around that yet, but I reckon it may be an ice cream sandwich “feature.” It connects easily to our linux computers with the cable.

    I found that I was more bugged by the lack of google play marketplace than I thought I’d be. As best I can tell, everyone who has tried rooting the 10″ has bricked it. So I didn’t root it. You can get the apk for google play simple enough and side load it, but the device isn’t on google’s list of approved devices so the apk won’t run and connect to the market. Because you can’t root it, you can’t edit the boot file to spoof it as a device on google’s list. So unless you root it or google adds it you won’t be involving to google play.

    Which isn’t really that huge of a deal. It has a get jar market on it, but I had already place on amazon market before I bothered looking at it, and there’s really not much use in it. The amazon market is simple enough for anyone to add – just point the web browser to amazon and follow the directions. Of all things, the only thing I wanted to place on it so far but wasn’t able to yet is tux math for the kids – it is on google play but not amazon market and I can’t find the apk on the web. It was simple enough to side load other apks. It runs the mad birds apps fine, and the cut the ropes, fruit ninjas, temple runs. I had a devil of a time getting where’s my water/Perry to install. It just wouldn’t install. I tried uncommon versions and not anything, then one time I tried it for a lark and both just installed and now they play fine. I must have installed something with a needed library or something along the way. Who knows. I downloaded free solitaire and freecell from amazon and they work fine. That’s enough games for me, so I haven’t bothered putting any emulators on it, without hardware buttons I don’t care to.

    It has both a regular size usb and a micro usb, which is nice because you can use something like a usb key board. The power plug is an additional small port. The batteries last longer than I thought they would – excellent enough for me to read and play some games. I place some videos on there just to see them and they worked fine. The kids watched some youtube on it and that was fine. I couldn’t get netflix to install on it though.

    It has an micro sd card slot, that is vital to me. The file structure is a small wonkey, but you’ll find the sd card if you look around. After the first time it didn’t really matter to me because it remembered the location in the history and I can just click the small cut there.

    It comes with a book reader built in. I side loaded an epub file and it seemed to present it just fine. I went ahead and place the cool reader app on it because I like the flexibility of that app. I used it to read A Dance with Dragons an it was a excellent book reading experience – I turned off the background and just use white text on black or yellow on blue. Honestly I didn’t miss e-ink and I was a fan of it.

    It isn’t an ipad and it isn’t a tegra 3. It is $150 bucks. So if you want the ipad or a tegra 3 don’t get this. If you have some basic android experience then this will seem familiar and simple, and if you want a basic tablet then this is a fine one. I got lucky here, it fits my needs very well – so if you are looking for something like that, book reader, web, simple games, with a larger screen I’d recommend this to you.

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  3. nizzly says:
    139 of 148 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A couple of Aha Moments . . ., July 23, 2012

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)

    Arrived quickly, and I was very pleased with how it looked!

    Things to note:
    - This takes a very small, 5V DC power supply, which is unusual to me.
    - It is an unsupported Google device = no Play app store, and still can’t figure out how to get HBO GO to work on it, and can’t get Facebook made app (unless someone tells me where else you can download it from!)
    - Has a very sensitive power button – last 3 era I’ve place it in my backpack for use at work, the power button has been hit in transit and I arrive with it drained and unusable. Could probably be remedied by buying a better case than by using the slipcover it comes with.
    - Back button often exits you out of something, rather than taking you to your last page/position.
    - Browser, while effective, does not have near the same functionality as the browser on my PC.
    - Browser feels slow to me, and it’s annoying.

    Other things to note:
    - Sound quality was surprisingly excellent for what it is.
    - Keyboard is awesome and works really well, which surprised me.
    - Unquestionably zero lag in streaming of either music or video – win!!!
    - You can still do lots of fantastic stuff, like use other social media apps that allow you to view Facebook, or use the browser for it (can’t get browser version of HBO GO but, *sad clown face*).
    - Use Amazon app store for lots of excellent stuff even if you can’t use Google Play app store – the Get Jar app store was surprisingly limited. Might just be the groundbreaking new O/S.
    - Picks up home wi-fi & mobile hotspot (wi-fi from my phone) just fantastic, never had a problem with that!
    - Renders books really well and is fun to use for reading.

    By and large, because it is less than half price of any other 10″ tablet out there, I will give it a “like” rating and deal with what it doesn’t do. But the HBO GO thing was a major blow and the huge reason behind bringing up the rear a whole star. I’ve heard that they are supposed to be coming out with a new version of the app that I can get to and will work on this O/S, but my fingers are still crossed on that . . .

    Also, in case anyone from Google is reading this – you majorly effed up by allowing others to license your O/S by NOT also allowing anyone with said O/S’s devices to be able to access YOUR CONTENT. Lose go IMHO. Retarded.

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