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Como Liberar Un Iphone 5 – Funciona para Todas las versioned de iOS. Como Liberar Un Iphone 5 Como Liberar Un Iphone 5 es un video tutorial de como liberar tu iPhone para poderlo utilizar con cualqui…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

More information: In this video, I review a variety of external microphones for use with the brand new iPhone 5. Usi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Como Liberar Un Iphone 5 – Funciona para Todas las versioned de iOS.”

  1. Ruben Leyva says:

    La duda que yo tengo es, una vez que este desbloqueado… En cuanto ponga
    una SIM nueva… Tengo que volver a desbloquear el teléfono después???

  2. Manuel Castillo says:

    hey y si no aparece mi pais mexico :(

  3. Julieta Lopez says:

    Pues a mi me cobran 154,99 :( finalmente no lo hice

  4. uriel arechiga says:

    Hola!! Quiero hacerte una pregunta! Espero y me puedas responder!! Me
    urge!! Porfavor 

  5. Erik Zúñiga says:

    Hola! Y en caso de no encontrar el país al elegir el modelo, que puedo
    hacer? Tengo iPhone 5c México Iusacell

  6. Alam Roberto Quiñonez Perez says:

    Hay manera de saber la compañía original de mi iphone? Sólo se que es
    americano, como puedo saberlo?

  7. pipejazzman says:

    funciona perfectamente, gracias!

  8. 4pocalipsis says:

    140 Dolares, vayanse a la mierda!

  9. Abraham Tamay says:

    oye caral y al iphoe o le metes el codigo ?

  10. Miguel gomez martin says:

    Hola,compre un iphone 4 de segundamano y no tiene activado buscar mi iphone
    ni bloqueado por imei,el problema es que estaba formateado de fabrica y no
    coge señal de red ni deja pasar de la pantalla de conectar a itunes,cuando
    lo conecto me da error y si lo conecto en modo fdu sigue igual,solo me deja
    seleccionar idioma y despues solo dice canectar a itunes y de ahi no pasa
    sabes que le puede pasar gracias

  11. omar peredo says:

    no se pueden los sprint de estados unidos?

  12. José Alfonzo says:

    nojoda pagando lo hacen en la esquina!!! deja de dañar tutoriales!!!! que
    esto lo usa gente que no quiere pagar!!!! basura

  13. Ricardo Vaoc says:

    sabes como liberar un iphone 5s de Nextel

  14. Isai Garcia says:

    Quiero saber si también se puede desbloquear un iPhone 5s de boost mobile

  15. mosqui1988 says:

    119$ me sale a mi XD

  16. Gabriel Gomez Flores says:

    Esto elimina el icloud?

  17. djmasacrekid says:

    funciona con veraizon ?

  18. Kelvis Castellano says:

    Mi iphone 5 dice que está homologado a AT&T en Puerto Rico, funciona igual
    el carrier para AT&T USA?

  19. Alan Miranda says:

    Utilizaste microsim para liberarlo ? Porque dicen que al utilizar eso ya no
    lo puedes actualizar y ya no puedes llevar a cabo otras funciones ! 

  20. Jaime Aguirre says:

    hola en caso de no encontrar el pais yo soy del el salvador que selecion
    elijo amigo gracias

  21. elchafla125 says:

    buenas, quien me confirma q tan efectivo es este metodo

  22. Alba Lucia Montoya says:

    fui a la pagina porque el precio que decía era de 19.99 antes 39.99 y
    cuando llene los datos me salió 89.99 no entiendo !!!!!!!

  23. Juampi López Díaz says:


  24. Ricardo Castro says:


  25. pepe sanchez says:

    ¿no se puede para sprint de estados unidos?

  26. BLOODjack143 says:

    i got a stupid way but kinda cheap way i made a wireless mic with cheap
    walkie talkies it still works

  27. Anne O'Namus says:

    Great review! I have an AT-2020 USB and I was wondering if using a double
    female USB adapter would work to plug in the mic > adapter > the iPhone
    thunderbolt charging cable for my iPhone 5. With my iPhone 4, I tried this
    with the camera connection kit and it didn’t work. iPhone gave a warning
    that the device was not supported. Maybe due to power consumption? Any
    experience with a USB mic setup?

  28. Patrick Salsbury says:

    Podcasters, Citizen Reporters, and Recorders of all types, take note!:

    iPhone 5 External Microphone Reviews

  29. Toni DeMarco says:

    Hi Jeff — I’ve spent the last 3 days looking for a truly wireless
    connection between 1 lav mic and my iPhone. I’ve read/viewed most of your
    info but am still not clear if your suggestions for wireless lavs are truly
    un-tethered to the talent. I hope to order a low-cost solution today, and
    would truly appreciate your help. Thanks,

  30. Denny Liuzzo says:

    Great information thank you 

  31. Manny Singh says:

    man your audio(voice ) is not clear sorry to say

  32. Al Alvera says:

    The sound level of this video is very low.

  33. TertiaOculus says:

    I’m looking for an external mic but for cheap around 20 bucks any help?

  34. musicislife6692 says:

    In a couple of weeks, I am interviewing the lead singer of a band and for
    the best sound capture quality, which one would be best?

  35. infringinator says:

    I need a job like yours if you can afford a D7000 + mega zoom lens, and
    every iphone that came out lol

  36. Jeremiah Collins says:

    I have an iPhone 5, and I’m wanting to do public pranks and that’ll require
    me to be out of sight of the camera. Obviously lol but I want exactly what
    you have. I will be doing those videos with my iPhone 5 and the app Filmic
    PRO. Where can I get your same exact equipment as far as a wireless Mac,
    adapter, etc. please!

  37. Jeff Geerling says:

    To use the microphone with your iPhone, you would need to figure out a way
    to adapt the standard microphone plug into the proper jack for the iPhone’s
    headset connector (a TRRS 1/8″ male plug), and you’d need the adapter to
    change the impedance of the microphone to match the iPhone’s input.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen an adapter that will do this.

  38. Jeff Geerling says:

    For interviews, you definitely either need a handheld (so you can put the
    mic in front of each person’s face), or two lavaliere microphones… or one
    lavaliere on you (the interviewer) and a handheld to put in front of the
    other person’s mouth. This is especially important in crowded/loud spaces,
    but even in quiet places, the mic should be as close as possible to the
    sound source.

  39. Angela Orebaugh says:

    Thanks for this review! I just ordered myself the AT PRO88W-R35 for

  40. Jeff Geerling says:

    Yes; I probably should’ve mentioned that. That’s why the video’s a bit
    grainy, and only 720p. Though it’s amazing that the tiny FaceTime camera on
    the iPhone 5 records in about as high-quality 720p as the back camera on
    the iPhone 4!

  41. rouenea says:

    too much talk not enough demonstration.

  42. Ray Baker says:

    Basic “DUMB” question… Where, on the iPhone 5, do you plug the mics in? I
    thought the iPhone only had a headphone adapter on the bottom?

  43. Jeff Geerling says:

    What app are you using for recording? Maybe compression or automatic levels
    are turned on in that app—depending on the settings and the app, this could
    cause the problem you describe. I usually use the built-in Camera app, or
    FilMic Pro.

  44. Jeff Geerling says:

    Not in particular; I just don’t like the iPhone interface for GB as much as
    I do for FiRe.

  45. Jeff Geerling says:

    Basically, you have to have a special adapter cable to be able to plug in a
    microphone, and only certain microphones will work properly. On my website,
    I offer some combinations that I have tested. Check out the article for
    more info :)

  46. Jeff Geerling says:

    It could be a grounding issue—make sure the battery is in correctly, and
    make sure the switch is fully on when recording (toggle it on and off a few
    times). Also, make sure your iPhone is not plugged into a power source
    while recording (this can introduce some different noises). If none of that
    works, it could be a bad mic.

  47. Jeff Geerling says:

    Check out the link in the description – I have links to all the microphones
    I use (Audio Technica wireless lav, the line-level KVConnection adapter,

  48. Jeff Geerling says:

    I would definitely recommend the Pro 88 W/T if you are able to buy one; in
    addition, you need an adapter to plug the Pro 88’s receiver into the
    iPhone. The KVconnection 1/8″ line-level adapter works best for me; plug
    the Pro 88’s headphone output into the iPhone’s input through the
    KVConnection adapter, and you’ll get a very good signal.

  49. Publicguntmain says:

    haha thats the same reason i came on here for

  50. treescully says:



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