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Lonnie plays Conquer Online Ⅱ: Infinite Battle – Part 1 (iPad Gameplay Video) This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of …

25 Responses to “CONQUER ONLINE Ⅱ: INFINITE BATTLE (iPad Gameplay Video)”

  1. gateboy6 says:

    I played this game is the best game ever.

  2. Bennead How says:

    Bro come server GA/Golden Apple

  3. keon stevens says:

    Play terraria

  4. RupRep444 says:

    More snapchat please

  5. LaurenInfinity mae says:

    4th :)

  6. greenbug531 says:

    Kaw kaw kaw kaw

  7. MrYeahyuh says:

    I have played before. I never really figured out what to do though lol

  8. Omar Porter says:

    Lol, I didn’t just play it…… man I’m a boss in this game

  9. Kabron Dalton says:

    Please play Beat The Boss 3

  10. MOOPER MC says:

    Realbigdoyle wow

  11. Panha Smile says:

    That game can play on iPhone men

  12. Nilli Noori says:

    More snapchat video’s 

  13. alan16723 says:

    Do beat the boss 3

  14. Aqwking2 says:

    The game is kinda boring lol

  15. Mini Manta says:

    You don’t know what pheasants are? o.O

  16. Cienna Pierre says:

    you make my day 100% better xD you are soo funny. 

  17. Renars Dambis says:

    Play the room

  18. Transtar Dagger says:

    I’ve played this game on Golden Apple server. Game isn’t very hard.

  19. jurethe steamgamer says:

    There now im second

  20. Arunas Jodauga says:

    play dragon slayer

  21. Tate Stroh says:

    Play more badlands please

  22. • †ᖺᗝᗰᗩᔕ • says:

    Make more snapcha vids

  23. Katy Bug says:

    Please play Robot unicorn Attack!!

  24. Gaming4Views says:


  25. Adam Tighe says:

    What generation is your iPad?


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