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DUET GAME (iPad Gameplay Video)

Lonnie plays Duet Game – Part 1 (iPad Gameplay Video) This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of “Let’s play Duet Game” f…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “DUET GAME (iPad Gameplay Video)”

  1. lonniedos says:


  2. Bryce Robbins says:

    just shut up and play the game

  3. Joyce Appiah says:

    That’s what she said

  4. Katherine Faulkner says:

    Not hating (srsly) but you just remind me of a seventh grader XD

  5. Jellie TV says:

    It sounds like Lonnie said,”HiYouToo!”

  6. John Clark says:

    This game only gets harder, but it’s fun , I passed it all. :)

  7. TitaniumGuitar22 says:

    Well you managed to give me a headache in 15 seconds…

  8. adrian aditza says:

    I dowland tommorow ! 

  9. orangehawk45 says:

    I’m thinking the good part is the music…

  10. James Waterson says:

    9th comment!

  11. Ajwad Sabano says:

    Im on Transcendence II, ultra hard :p

  12. lillylolx says:

    You should do a video for SING! Smule Kareoke

  13. Andrew Sharp says:

    Deont maek fnu of em I hve dislexai 

  14. kierin hamamoto says:

    weird optical illusion in backround

  15. Brett Damkroger says:


  16. Ella M says:

    That’s what she said. :3

  17. Sailor Friend says:

    its okay Lonnie. I didn’t even notice :)

  18. jonas jensen says:

    Is this free??? I want it

    EDIT: Ohh no its not

  19. Thesophieandzarsochannel says:

    my friend has dyslexia

  20. william levine says:

    I like potatoes

  21. Noah Tha Brony says:

    Level 25 still easy

  22. HotSwitch says:

    “If you two had a son would it be purple? I have to know”

  23. Marcia McGarrh says:

    That game is hard

  24. Danitza Matthew says:


  25. GUY WHO YOUTUBES says:

    Finished game :P its hard


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