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Exclusive Preview on iOS 5 – iPad Zauberer Simon Pierro [subtitled]

iPad magician Simon Pierro &#1072nd th&#1077 n&#1077w iOS m&#1072k&#1077 th&#1077 iPad even more magical! ▻Subsribe t&#959 iOSmagic:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here &#1110&#1109 Lisa Gade’s video review &#959f th&#1077 n&#1077w iPad 3rd generation &#959r iPad 3. It features a very high resolution Retina spectacle, a very &#1077&#1093&#1089&#1077ll&#1077nt 5 megapixel camera …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Exclusive Preview on iOS 5 – iPad Zauberer Simon Pierro [subtitled]”

  1. Akhil Ramesh says:

    Watch these cool iPad tricks by Simon Pierro

  2. ScilexGuitar says:

    Seems legit to me.

  3. mrpirulitooo says:

    Final cut king are you there?

  4. Silvio Angelo says:


  5. Jorge Yair Avalos says:

    +Zentrix sama

  6. Jack Weng says:

    Some iPad new features you may not know yet…

  7. Letícia Gattermann says:


  8. Semen Lysjakov says:

    Смешно, блин)))
    Exclusive Preview on iOS 5

  9. Grayham Sievert says:

    IOS Magig

  10. mobiDdiction says:

    Does your iPad do this..? we’ve checked all of our updates and they dont :(

  11. Sandra Deichmann says:

    Where can I get this?? ;-)

  12. Armando Lioss says:

    I want a tablet just like this one…

  13. MrHuggaga says:

    at smallest amount the tennisball i got! XD

  14. Paul Gailey Alburquerque says:

    iPad 3 with iOS 5 looks the part, huh? #skillz
    video via #gplus

  15. Balazs Nadasdi says:

    Ez nagyon-nagyon jo ^_^ Varazslat az ipad-el ^_^

  16. Warren Jones says:

    Only in Apple’s wildest dreams… clean illusions though.

  17. Frank Taylor says:

    Pretty amusing video screening some iPad iOS 5 magic tricks. Since we’re
    finally getting an iPad on Tahina, I’m paying closer attention.

    I’m enjoying some nearer Internet here in Australia, but it costs me
    bandwidth to watch. So, I still don’t watch many videos these days.

  18. Ryan Peña says:

    Some incredible magic with an iPad – *MUST WATCH*

  19. emo markov says:


  20. Karina Velázquez says:

    Hola, ¿cómo les va? Yo tratando de trabajar pero me distraje viendo lo que
    este ilusionista hace con una iPad. Es… bueno, mejor veánlo… / Hi, how
    are you? I was trying to work but I found this video and it’s… well,
    watch it and you’ll see

  21. yohann caillaud says:

    Je trouve ça incredible la magie et technologie !!!

  22. Dan James says:

    I reckon this ad has finally convinced me to get an iPad, for that glass of
    milk feature alone…

  23. Srikanth Rayabhagi says:

    Talking about magic, here is a excellent one!

  24. Devikka Bantawa says:

    Incredible Awesome tricks here.. =D

  25. Francois Boucher says:

    magic iPad

  26. Eric Leverette says:

    Hi Lisa, been subscribed to your channel for a long time and Im looking for
    an iPad that I can use through college for 4 years. Should I get the 64GB
    iPad Mini (1st gen), 32GB iPad 3 or the 64GB iPad 2? These are the ones
    that are sellimg in my local area for an affordable price. 

  27. nek358 says:

    Is there a difference with the chargers , I recently bought the iPad 2
    and sworn up and down that the iPad had the lighting mount, but when I
    got it , I saw it had the ancient model mount. Does it change from standard
    to lighting mount if you get the iPad 2 with retina spectacle ?

  28. TheOther42086 says:

    “if you already own an iPad 2, it’s not gonna be an earth changing thing
    for you” I reckon that sums it up quite nicely. :-)

  29. nmr85 says:

    I didn’t reckon about the space issue because of larger files for the retina
    spectacle, thank you for mentioning that

  30. legotech101 says:

    you did not research anything. And they didn’t legally use it, THEY STOLE
    IT! and that is a fact.

  31. cooltube97 says:

    free apple ipad???

  32. Abdullah Almegbil says:

    you should buy a new camera

  33. Ilias Campos Espinoza says:

    That’s because Apple used the term ‘Retina’ spectacle as a marketing feature.
    Most phones with this ‘Retina’ spectacle feature have what Apple calls the
    magic number of 326ppi. Your SIII has approximately 306ppi which is close
    to other phones like the magic number, but still not counted as ‘Retina’.
    Also your computer monitor’s 2560×1600 spectacle is the resolution. The width
    life 2560 pixels and the height 1600 pixels.

  34. king iSaturen says:

    it does in the US Apple site

  35. 101divergent says:

    well done

  36. Beau Mangodt says:

    Hey Lisa. Nice video. I need some help with picking a tablet. I like the
    versatile features and the Tegra 3 processor of the Acer Iconia A510 but
    really like the build quality and the retina spectacle of the new iPad. What
    tablet would you recommend? Thanks!

  37. doxroxable says:

    About the heat, the heat is energi that is lost. Look at filament and you
    can see/feel that they are warm, they dissipate alot of electricity on the heat
    insteed if the power. Wich can be alot disturbing while the batterty bar is
    going down rapidly!

  38. patpatboy2 says:

    lowendmac (dot) com /orchard/06/apple-vs-microsoft.html Under “Talk to the
    Judge” the copyright didn’t apply to apple’s gui, thus Microsoft used it
    legally. Plus, your all caps rage and cursing is just invalidating
    everything you’re saying.

  39. connorhurley says:

    I in person reckon kindle is really awesome for updating their app for
    their hardware competition so quick

  40. Ebenezer Davis says:

    cant see the difference because you camera is positioned under the tablet
    so i dont know which is thinner

  41. reesespieces22 says:

    Fantastic review. I hope I can get one for my birthday, it’s in a couple of

  42. serass21 says:

    When she compares the text, why does one of them look yellow and the other
    pink? What happened to white?

  43. Deyvit Perez says:

    i prefer wait for windows 8 tablets…

  44. Austin101123 says:

    Yeah but it is a larger spectacle, if you also factor in how far away you
    will be viewing it from, it has more pixels in the same realm of view.

  45. ThePunter555 says:


  46. liveShit says:

    You work for Apple? If you don’t then you are the 5 years ancient kid. Who’s
    talking about Microsoft here? They don’t do competitive tablets right now.
    What I say is that I don’t see what’s the huge “breakthrough” with this
    device. The resolution? What the fuck do we need that huge resolution if we
    don’t have any games or videos that run on it? And the screen isn’t even in
    16:9 aspect ratio! I mean, that’s an example of how small innovative and
    efficient Apple is right now. Any other tablet on…

  47. gadgetrox5 says:

    getting one in a couple weeks, cannot wait!!

  48. Bushra Ehmaid says:

    what is the name of the game that she was playing?

  49. Amuffin says:

    use your ordinary sense. your retard level is through the roof. the new ipad
    has a better screen, better gpu and other stuff so obviously it needs more
    battery. for this ipad 3 to acheive the same battery level as the same ipad
    2 earnings it needs a larger battery for the higher end parts. but the mount
    is the same voltage as the ipad 2 so when charging it is slower to charge
    to the max due to the larger battery. i despise retards like you.

  50. moamoa says:

    ipad, iphone and ios are getting dull currently. .


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