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Fire HDX 8.9, 8.9″ HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB – Includes Special Offers

Fire HDX 8.9, 8.9″ HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB – Includes Special Offers

  • Incredibly light design with exclusive 8.9″ HDX display-only 13.2oz with an exclusive HDX display (2560×1600) and amazing pixel density (339 PPI) for vivid, lifelike images
  • Ultrafast 2.5GHz quad-core processor-70% faster graphics performance with 2GB of RAM and Adreno 420 GPU for quicker gaming and smoother video
  • 8MP rear-facing camera-with LED flash for high-resolution photos and 1080p HD video, plus a front-facing 720p HD camera for video calls and more
  • Firefly and Mayday-quickly identify and take action on over 100 million items with Firefly. Get free, live video support with an Amazon expert, 24×7, 365 days a year with Mayday

The all-new Fire HDX 8.9 delivers powerful performance with an ultrafast 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, a 70% faster graphics engine, up to 4X faster Wi-Fi, and exceptional stereo sound with Dolby Atmos. Ultrafast quad-core processor Fire HDX 8.9 features the all-new, faster quad-core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 processor—delivering quick app launches and smooth multi-tasking. Console-quality graphics The new Adreno 420 graphics processor on Fire HDX 8.9 delivers high frame rates and console-quali

List Price: $ 429.00

Price: $ 429.00

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3 Responses to “Fire HDX 8.9, 8.9″ HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 32 GB – Includes Special Offers”

  1. MoonX says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    EXCELLENT tablet at a reasonable price. The Fire HDX is setting the bar for other tablets!, October 26, 2014
    MoonX (United States) –

    The new Fire HDX 8.9 is definitely one powerful tablet, packed with some pretty nice features. While it does have some small flaws here and there, it generally is an all around great buy. I’ll go over some of what I’ve noticed using the tablet, what I’ve learned from others who are using it, as well as the specs and how I feel about them. Hopefully it’ll give you more insight into the product and help you make an easier decision whether or not to buy it.

    *** BUILD QUALITY ***

    One of the first things I noticed was the outstanding build quality. The tablet weighs less than much of its competition, and provides a nice feel due to the materials used in making the case which gives you a nice grip so you don’t drop the tablet as easily. Everything feels solid… it doesn’t have that cheap feel that some of the Android based tablets have. Apple still holds the title for most durable case as it’s aluminum but unless you plan on throwing this thing around, you don’t need the aluminum… it weighs more and it’s cold!


    This new HDX 8.9″ comes with the 2.5Ghz Snapdragon processor and a nice GPU so this is going to be one of your fastest tablets on the market at the moment, if not the fastest. Intel and NVIDIA are continuously working on CPU’s for the tablet and Chromebook markets, bragging about their performance and how they blow away the competition. Acer, for example, is utilizing an NVIDIA Tegra K1 ARM based CPU running at 2.1GHz quad-core. That is insanely fast for something like a Chromebook which functionality wise, is pretty much the same thing as a tablet. Unfortunately for Acer, the Snapdragon CPU on the Fire HDX is more powerful (2.5 GHz vs. 2.1 GHz) and appears to be using less power. Acer (NVIDIA) has some catching up to do! The HDX definitely gets some bonus points in that department.

    GPU wise, the HDX comes with an Adreno 420 graphics processor which delivers high frame rates and as Amazon claims, 70% faster graphics performance than the previous generation Fire HDX 8.9. Amazon equates the graphics experience to that which you’d find on a game console which is a pretty impressive claim and from what I’ve seen, it’s legitimate! Graphic-intensive games and advanced apps are ultra-responsive, run smoothly and use less battery power. This power savings is due to the low power consuming processor, and the LTPS LCD screen which I’ll discuss now:


    The screen is simply amazing with a 2560 x 1600 resolution and 30% more pixels than Apple’s Retina display, along with the most accurate color calibration, accuracy, contrast, and brightness of any other tablet on the market… it is hands down, the best screen you can get right now, which makes me wonder why Amazon cut corners on the camera? (More on that later.) I’m going to go into a lot more detail on the screen right here so you can skip this part if you’re fine knowing the screen is amazing! :-) For the nerdy tech stuff about the screen, read on:

    NERDY SCREEN INFO: The screen has low reflectance (if that’s a word?) so it’s still easy to use outdoors in sunlight, and indoors where you may have a lot of overhead lights that typically would cause glare. Reflectance was measured at roughly 5% which is currently the lowest of all tablets on the market. The brightness is very high, in fact, it’s higher than any other tablet at the moment, and it has amazing high ambient light performance. Color accuracy wise, every HDX display is individually factory calibrated for color accuracy and intensity and they’ve been doing this now since last year I believe. They’ve done a nice job with that as I’ve tested the HDX against a specialized photo editing monitor I use and the colors were nearly identical. This has typically been unheard of in tablets but Amazon really raised the bar here. Image contrast is also accurate and the HDX is using a 4 million pixel density (339 ppi) display meaning even with 20/20 vision, the naked eye will not be able to distinguish individual pixels. This also means the HDX has 30% more pixels than Apple’s Retina display–Personally I think this is a bit overboard because you’ll never notice those 30% extra pixels but who cares, it’s an amazing screen! The HDX uses an LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicone) type LCD screen which makes it very power efficient giving the tablet longer battery life and allowing it to dedicate more power to the processor and GPU, making the tablet run faster without quickly draining the battery. As a power-saving comparison, the HDX’s screen is 30% more efficient than the IGZO display used in the iPad Air.

    *** AUDIO ***

    Go buy yourself some decent headphones to appreciate the Dolby Atmos sound system built into the Fire HDX! Atmos is a newer sound technology and although it is already being used in other devices, the HDX is the first tablet to…

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  2. Christopher Le says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great device; it’s zippy, has an AWESOME display, great sound for a tablet (rivals/bests any portable device I currently own, including laptops) has incredible ease of use and I’m basically “all-in” on the Amazon ecosystem. I know people lament the loss of Google Play, but I’m a simple guy who doesn’t actually “need” absolutely everything. I can watch movies/videos from the major streaming services I use (Netflix/Prime), music (Pandora, Spotify, Prime), the various apps I use for fantasy sports, reading emails, ebooks (honestly the main reason I bought this thing), and reddit. That’s more or less all I need it to do, and it does all of these things beautifully and quickly.

    The reason for the 3 star is because, as of this review, the device has the SUPREMELY ANNOYING HABIT OF LOCKING UP. It seems to happen most often when I’m running a music program while reading or browsing then attempting to shutting it off. It occurs to me anywhere from once to three times a day, but this is a device that I only use when I’m traveling around or somewhere away from my home computer, so those 1-3 times happen at the most inconvenient opportunities.

    Example of a recent situation: I’m waiting for my class to start so I’m hanging out at the college library, listening to some stuff on Prime while flipping through reddit, with headphones on. It’s time to go in, so I switch to the music app to shut it off and simultaneously remove the headphones to put it in my bag. Except it locks up; the screen stops moving, I lose any and all functions to use it, and the music just KEEPS ON PLAYING. I can’t shut it off. I can’t even manually shut off the device by holding the power button; doing so just shuts off the display, yet the sound continues and now I’m just looking at a black screen that won’t turn back on. I feel like the biggest d-bag standing there in the library with music just playing at full blast. I was mortified. There are kids around me studying for exams for Christ’s sake. My final option (when it finally occurred to me) was to just plug the headphones back in and toss it in my bag, scurrying out with my head down and refusing to make eye contact. When the lockup happened again later at home, it took a little over 2 minutes (I’m guess, it was about the duration of one song) before the screen started working again. So…that happens.

    I’m not the only one to complain about this either. It’s a shame; I love this device, more than any other tablet I currently have, because it does everything I want in a quick and intuitive manner (this my second Kindle, and I personally love the carousel). But this little bug or whatever is positively rage-inducing, especially on a brand new product I just dropped almost $479 on. Until it’s fixed, I don’t feel comfortable taking it anywhere with me in public wherever A) I’ll be playing any kind of media, and B) headphones are required.


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  3. Michael Gallagher says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Quality Tablet and Excellent Video / Screen Display, October 22, 2014
    Michael Gallagher (Houston, TX) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I’m writing this review with the benefit of being an experienced Kindle Fire user vs. someone brand new to the Kindle family. In summary, you are getting a great deal on a tablet computer – especially if you compare it to the $500 or more you can spend on a Wi-Fi version of iPad. Overall, if you consider the price and the functionality I think this is a great tool / toy if you watch a lot of video or play a lot of games on your device: the video quality is outstanding. If you are a first-time large-screen tablet buyer, where price vs. value is a key consideration in comparison to more expensive versions, I’d recommend it. If you’re comparing last year’s HDX model to this version and it is operating fine, I’d say save your money and continue to get your money’s worth out of that one.

    My review below compares a lot of the features of this version of the Fire HDX to last year’s Fire HDX but also some of the features for a first-time user.

    Consistent with my experience with setup of previous models of the Fire, setup took a while: despite being a brand new product, the Fire attempted to download and install several operating software updates. You just need to be patient while it downloads and installs.

    Screen Display / Video Playback:

    This version of the Fire has the best screen display of any previous model of Fire and looking at the technical specs Amazon made some major changes in the display / resolution, and the picture appears more crisp in a side-by-side comparison to last year’s HDX version and my iPad Air (yes, the Kindle guy uses an iPad for work): I compared the viewing experience watching an episode of The Lost Ship. The display on this Fire was one heck of a lot better in terms of sharpness than last year’s model as well as the iPad, and is the #1 selling feature (to me) for this model. That may be a combination of some better technology as well as a new vs. year-old screen.

    Wi-Fi Connectivity:

    After the final operating software update I mentioned above, it was fairly easy to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. My standard test for trying out new gadgets is to see how fast they run side-by-side with a known piece of equipment doing the same test at the best place of Wi-Fi in my house and the worst place where it drags. In this comparison, I had this version of the HDX sitting next to the last two year’s versions of the HDX, this year’s 7” Fire tablet, and my iPad Air, all just using a Wi-Fi connection vs. cellular connectivity.

    My “normal” website test is to hit the mobile websites of FoxNews, CNN, my personalized Yahoo page, Google, and the Houston Chronicle. The ones that were usually slow on the other devices were just as slow, and for the other sites I couldn’t tell a difference in speed in comparison to this model.

    Sound / Music Playback:

    The two speakers are located in the back of the HDX in two not-noticeable ports: both of them are on the right (or maybe it’s on the top, depending upon your screen orientation) side of the Kindle. My test of this feature was cranking up Van Halen’s Panama to maximum volume (I always want to see if it could really play the guitar licks), and I would alternate covering one speaker up over the other: you have true stereo sound with no degradation of the sound that makes you think you are about to blow the speaker. The Dolby speakers sound really nice and you can really crank up the volume in comparison to previous versions of the Fire: you do get to hear the bass if you install and use an Equalizer app and adjust until it sounds “just right” to you. Mixing the sound with an equalizer app, and using good headphones, is really the way I want to listen to music on the Fire as you not only have a better sound experience but you’re also not disturbing others in the room. The X-ray feature is pretty neat as it displays the lyrics on the screen if you are so inclined; if you are not, it is as simple as the tap of an icon to make the lyric feature go away.

    Email Setup:

    Consistent with previous versions of the Fire, email setup was very easy for my main Gmail account with the software came with the Fire. Amazon has some good enhancements to their email product, so I did not have to install the third-party email app I used on previous versions of the Fire and am happy with Amazon’s email client.

    New Tabs and Screen Layout:

    In addition to the normal tabs Amazon has continued to make tweaks with the look and feel to the overall display such as more things to scroll through to find what you are looking for in an easier manner. Consistent with my experiences with previous versions of the Fire, I purchased the one with special offers and I don’t feel overwhelmed with ads. In fact, I don’t even notice them.

    Reading Books:

    Turning pages is pretty darn easy – just tap the side…

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