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Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 – Part 1

The first part in Cam’s in-depth comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5. Both phones have impressive hardware, but the 4.99-inch display on the…

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49 Responses to “Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 – Part 1”

  1. Alexis S says:

    S4 is shite.

  2. M42theorion says:


  3. john carter says:

    Never shall I buy an Apple product. I mean seriously, they outsmarted their customers. with their built in batteries and whatsoever.

  4. medi5750 says:


  5. fxleon83 says:

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    Why does people compare iphone 5 to gs4..GS4 is WAY MORE powerful and newer then the iphone..And the fact you can do more android more so then iOS..

  7. Iluvdam0neyz says:

    Just did some snooping around the internet to find my new phone, as my current one is in the bin after being dropped in the toilet…awkward. Anyway, I found this site claiming to be giving away a few iPhone 5’s. Anyone think its worth it? Its at: tllg.netSYnm

  8. Colin Preston James says:

    What I really don’t get is that the Galaxy looks about $200 I really don’t get why it’s so expensive, the HTC One looks really good and i’m considering getting it, the iPhone isn’t wide enough and makes typing on it harder

  9. TheGEQRGEG says:

    Those services are not yet available world wide.

  10. Patrick Sheppard says:

    I currently have around 10,800 songs on my phone, I know it’s a HELL of alot but I do several business trips and hate repetitive music, plus it saves me from having to put new music on every few weeks :-)

  11. Patrick Sheppard says:

    Same and I totally agree!

  12. Patrick Sheppard says:

    Me obviously lol I would stream or something but I do alot of business trips due to the nature of my work and can’t use my internet on the plane for obvious reasons. I tend to find that when i only have 5-600 songs I overplay them and get bored very quick :)

  13. Patrick Sheppard says:

    I do alot of business trips so unfortunately I can’t use my internet on the plane :(

  14. vik2rrr says:

    Spotify still goes offline, which requires memory. The SD card possibillity is AWESOME

  15. Abdullamostafa Hamad says:

    iphone 5

  16. Cam Bunton says:

    The iPhone has Gorilla Glass too.. they just don’t advertise it. 

  17. Braedan Shigley says:

    Let us take a moment of silence to remember our brother who has fallen to the iPhone side.

  18. Ellia Isaacs says:

    who the fuck is gonna listen to that much music on their phone.. thats ridiculous

  19. ClemyNX says:

    Use streaming

  20. milkerfish says:

    but you cant pirate music

  21. milkerfish says:

    just buy a new back cover

  22. MichaelHartman100 says:

    @coreyburns84 why do we compare you to a human

  23. coreyburns84 says:

    Why are you comparing these 2 phones the s3 blows this out the water what a waste

  24. danielblack605 says:

    the blue coloring of the screen is the garilla glass it has nothing to do with the display

  25. Rizal Helmi says:


  26. import4Lif3 says:

    I was going to say how is this fake until the very end and how did u get that much iphones????

  27. kewlhunter16 says:

    This is what bill gates does to entertain him self

  28. Ivan Rosas says:

    Fakist shit I ever seen

  29. apatrick681 says:

    This is so stupid and fake

  30. Davis Hunsinger says:

    That’s epic

  31. Douglas Brady says:

    Not real

  32. Riz P says:

    Do people hate the iphone that much after the new Galaxy S4?

  33. Daehyeop Ko says:

    So cool

  34. CricketDude951 says:

    i know right

  35. corp176100 says:

    Fake  but cool

  36. Giovanni Torres says:


  37. ibrnadicc2000 says:

    I want 10

  38. Dallas Hale says:

    I would take sooo many of those xD

  39. Klodendos says:

    What a waste of time.

  40. rohan soni says:

    Glad I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin
    received his iPhone 5 for free too lol. The web address,
     if I remember correctly, was: AzzingleGiveaways

  41. Agamakus says:

    thats all mine

  42. mattybismyeverything says:


  43. venomchris says:


  44. EfeIbo100 says:

    I want to say FAKE but it is real!

  45. RezhwAmanj says:

    Imagine if you lost your iPhone in that

  46. mawesa1958 says:

    пиздец охуено

  47. Adam W says:

    please understand what CG is

  48. Runescaperian1 says:

    Imagine if the cameraman tripped while filming.

  49. LittleYua says:



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