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Gameloft Podcast #8 – Spider-Man: Total Mayhem / Comic-Con 2010

Special journal &#959f th&#1077 podcast &#1072t Comic-Con 2010, including &#1109&#959m&#1077 exclusive record &#959f Spider-Man: Whole Mayhem. Th&#1077 game w&#1110ll b&#1077 available &#959n th&#1077 App Store th&#1110&#1109 September. Gameloft podcasts &#1072r&#1077 &#1072l&#1109&#959 available &#959n iTunes, check &#1110t out &#1072nd subscribe f&#959r free! Official site: Friend &#965&#1109 &#959n Facebook Follow &#965&#1109 &#959n Chirrup: Visit &#959&#965r blog:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Gameloft Podcast #8 – Spider-Man: Total Mayhem / Comic-Con 2010”

  1. E21Reviews says:

    :) excellent 1 bro!! check out our reviews and help us to increase :)

  2. Josue142011 says:

    New spider-man game 6/28/12 that’s the month yes!!!!

  3. Josue142011 says:

    That is not anything vs the be spider-men game game loft is throwing out

  4. justcauseio says:

    i would be rico from just cause 2

  5. carlossamurai7 says:

    muito bom gostei

  6. gordi45able says:

    Test and keep an iPhone 4s for free at fresh-phones(dot)com

  7. VlogDoAranha says:

    eu aew!

  8. JERSUB1 says:

    my pepsi came out my nose when i heard spiderman say ‘im havin a excellent time playing with my self in comi-con’!!!

  9. Farhad poorabdulahzadeh lalehkani says:

    gameloft i cant thank you enough for this AMAZING game all i want now is spiderman whole mayhem 2 ;)

  10. TehkProductionZ says:

    He’s having a excellent time playing with himself. :O

  11. Mastrking334 says:

    when comes gameloft podcast number 9 and when modern combat 2

  12. nightwatcher2652 says:

    4:12 EZIO!

  13. David Böhm says:

    Rage for iphone has better graphics or Unreal 3 engine (Project Sword)

  14. eskate45 says:

    the graphics are fantastic said the ancient lady lol

  15. GyroscopeGames says:

    The game looks fantastic.

    I’ll be the first here to request a gyroscope enhanced update from the gameloft staff.


  16. lpden says:

    I’m worried the spider chick wouldn’t look as hot, if she took her mask off. But DAMN, I would plow her…

  17. Nathan Roberts says:

    I can’t wait till September, I want now!!!

  18. elcaradebolsa says:

    josh always have that retarded face

  19. MrJiggy3544 says:

    @LVNEN retarded ? It’s graphics are very excellent for an iPhone ! Tell me a game on iPhone with better graphics.

  20. MrJiggy3544 says:

    Please gameloft, make Modern Combat II !

  21. MrJiggy3544 says:

    @LVNEN Its an IPhone idot ! Not a XBOX360 !

  22. idaliaslink says:

     ow gosh lookn for a date online wtf !

  23. whitecheese9 says:

    WTF is up with everyone saying crap graphics?? The graphics are bright and the modeling looks like it should, just remember that you are watching a video on a computer that is going to be on a device 1/3 of the size

  24. newestish says:

    Marvel vs capcom on iPod touch… Sounds like a excellent thought

  25. anichiba says:

    Do we have a date yet?


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