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Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4

For more details, check out our web site: PhoneArena presents a Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4 comparison video. This is really t…
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25 Responses to “Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4”

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    This guy says experience a lot.

  2. Alistair Ward says:

    Nexus and Apple are the two best. But I prefer Nexus.

  3. Raphat says:

    I made up my mind when I heard 2 GB vs 1 GB of RAM with those resolutions.
    Besides, Apple doesn’t support flash.

  4. edwin paz says:

    I still see blourenes on asus screen

  5. nipun mondal says:

    Nothing like I pad

  6. Tablet Murah Berkualitas says:

    nexus and apple are the best..nice review

  7. sfb4577 says:

    I want Atari to make a comback!

  8. goproslick says:

    Nexus is better

  9. C0MPUT3RTUTS says:

    No. A nexus 10 is just WiFi not sim

  10. DvDPlaya says:

    Do they both need a contract? i have iPhone 5 with a ton of paid apps would
    it be better for me to just get iPad?

  11. Storm Wonderbra says:

    you cannot even spell you can u ,lol suck my ginger chest hairs

  12. JMaldonado64 says:

    Nexus almost DOUBLE the battery life? WOW!

  13. BuzzLightyeear says:

    Nokia Lumia Series?

  14. Justin Fencsak says:

    wonder when apple will make an ipad that is widescreen….google has an
    advantage…the only widescreen products apple sells is the 5th gen ipod
    touch, iphone 5, and macbooks and imacs.

  15. Ali says:

    Im in the same situation as you, and it will be out VERY soon, they HAVE to
    release it by Christmas as thats when they can make the most sales. A
    picture has also been leaked of the 2nd gen Nexus 10, so it will be
    announced in the next month.

  16. מאור מחרבי says:

    All the iphone r pretty much the same. And there’s a lot of different
    between all the galaxy’s phone. …as I said. .apple is suck

  17. מאור מחרבי says:

    Apple is sucks

  18. mamitachocolate says:

    Can someone tell me if there’s a new Nexus 10 coming out? I keep reading
    that there is but can’t seem to find any legit information. I’m shopping
    for a new tablet right now and I’m leaning towards the Nexus 10 but don’t
    wanna get this one if a new one is supposed to be coming out soon.

  19. A226044 says:

    Yes there is. It’ll be announced on Thursday. Keep your money for right now!

  20. Geovane Morgan says:

    Andorid just looks better on such a big a big screen, you get to really
    take advantage of the OS. The iPad’s layout looks pretty bloated and
    lackluster on the iPad, especially compared to iOS on iPhones. I prefer the
    Nexus 10. More bang for your money and really ergonomic design, I’d prefer
    an Asus build with the next series however.

  21. mister9y says:

    u cant even spell or write english why would u even try to share your
    stupid opinions?

  22. Charles Greenlaw says:

    Apple has and always will take better photos than the competitors

  23. Ronaldo Kurswell says:


  24. Rick Cain says:

    Can you tech reviewer guys not be so ugly?

  25. Axel sypkens smit says:

    wft is scram?


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