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Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad 3

For more details, check out our web site: Since its inception, the iPad has long remained at the top of the tablet universe without seeing much threat from the competition. Of course, we can name quite a few devices that were poised to challenge its supremacy, but there has yet to be a legitimate contender that can slow its sales. Through it all, the iPad continues to stand head above water over its rivals. Well people, it looks like that might all change with the Google Nexus 7, as it seemingly employs all the correct ingredients for a major shakeup… presents the iPad 3 screen repair and glass repair directions. Apple iPad 3 screen repair video directions on YouTube. These directions for the iPad 3 will help you replace a broken or cracked screen if you have dropped the apple ipad 3 and cracked the screen or broke other parts in it. Step by step directions on replacing the battery, screen and other parts for the ipad are included in the repair video. For 7% off your first order on our webpage use coupon code YOUTUBE7 at checkout for a limited time only. Like Us on FaceBook: Follow us Twitter:
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36 Responses to “Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad 3”

  1. Hung Tran says:

    Have you tried to open apps on 2 devices at the same time ? I dont say which os is better but you would see most of the apps run faster on the Ipad.

  2. chazmo34 says:

    look at when this video was made The Nexus 10 came out recently and this was made in July.

  3. Abdulrahman Kublan says:

    iPad 3 for sure…. :)

  4. TheEnzle1 says:

    Planet Earth. Google it or something.

  5. ps3ruben says:

    Apple all the way!

  6. MNGMusic01 says:

    in what planet does the google play store have more apps?

  7. MNGMusic01 says:

    Two words: “Home Button”

  8. Ronald P Matthew says:

    I am gonna buy nexus 7.

  9. PurpleGoomba1 says:

    Lupita wait for the nexus 10

  10. Lone432345 says:

    Only a Noob would find Android “Hard to Use”. And whenever i get iDevice i always jailbreak it just to improve its Baby “Hand Holding” Interface. I bet hardcore apple fanboys had there mother whip there ass until they where in the 20’s. Because Toliet paper is “Hard to Use”.

  11. nitesh bhattarai says:

    ipad 3 . Commomn man there’s no competition

  12. afsaldurranihotmail says:

    best tab in market… NOTE 2 cant get any better than that u can carry it like phone everywhere and 5.5 super amo screen with 3 sub pixels is the best screen out there even better than ipad 3 retina display…

  13. Lupita Lily says:

    me and m sister keep on compaining with eachother because shes getting the ipad 3 and im getting the google nexus 7 so we want to see which one you guys think iis better??

  14. Ooze27 says:

    Good video, both solid pieces of tech. In the following weeks you could do a Nexus 7vs iPad mini and iPad 3 vs Nexus 10.I think it would lead to a more balancing comparison, although when you did this only the Nexus 7 was available:)

  15. eugugelizor says:

    To get back to the home screen

    IPAD: you have to swipe 5 fingers
    Nexus 7: you press one button

    How is the ipad gesture more useful than the nexus 7’s? i would way rather press one button than do a stupid lion claw hand action

  16. TheEnzle1 says:

    Actually the Google Play Store has more apps :P

  17. Paschalis Mpeis says:

    who made the review, definitely is a apple fanboy..
    watched till 4:00 ..

  18. whoamagic says:

    Nexus 10? if the Nexus 7 is up against the ipad, the Nexus 10 is…wow

  19. rohan ninan says:

    the nexus 7 got a good review, i admit, but that doesn’t mean the ipad 3 can’t punch some dents in it

  20. Кирилл Епифанов says:


  21. MsRebel734 says:

    I pad is over priced and waist of money the nexus 7 is priced lower and better spected. And plus the nexus 10 is coming out soon

  22. Daniel Westby says:

    nexus 7 is so much better than the iPad

  23. x14nickx says:

    nexus 7’s big brother is coming soon

  24. Ты Давай says:

    голос как у бибера фу.

  25. Lynn Heiser says:

    Excellent video. Thank you

  26. JBlongz says:

    Thanks guy!

  27. Sushil Sakhuja says:

    Nice video thanks
    add some background music.

  28. pdaparts says:

    You could just watch the video we have for the iPad 2.. Take a look at our other videos.

  29. sonneh88 says:

    As far as replacing the digitizer and lcd, it’s the exact same process as the iPad 2, correct?

  30. MrKingpleco says:

    apart from a huge battery, there’s not much inside that thing… it looks cheap.

  31. Alec O'Grady says:

    Great Video, but a tip of advice. Add some background elevator music. It’s kind of boring if you don’t have any sound other than the instructions. But overall, great video!!!

  32. pdaparts says:

    You just need to follow the steps to the part you need to replace. All the parts we carry are listed on our webpage at DirectFix com.

  33. ChristySayWhaat says:

    Thank you so much for this video ! I have a few cracks on my ipad 3 screen and in this video, i see you basically taking out everything. Do i necessarily have to take down the battery and all the stuff you did ? All I have is a broken screen. If not have to replace everything, can you list all the products on how you need to fix the broken screen ? thanks.

  34. pdaparts says:

    All the parts and current prices are listed on DirectFix com.

  35. MrMetalBurrito says:


  36. Droveful says:

    awesome man……
    how much does a retina display cost??????


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