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GTA 3 – iPad 2 – Mission #35 – Two-Faced Tanner

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Mission Walkthrough Video in High Definition Playlist for GTA 3: 10 Year Anniversary Edition on iOS: Watch this mission played on PC: =================================== Mission N. 35 Location: Staunton Island, Liberty City Mission Name: – Two-Faced Tanner – Tanner l’agent double (Français) – V-Mann Tanner (Deutsch) – Doppia faccia (Italiano) – Tanner dos caras (Español) Ginve by: Asuka Kasen =================================== Game available on: Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, PC, Mac OS X, iOS & Android Video recorded on: iPad 2 (Apple iOS) =================================== For more info and videos, visit: ● ● http ● ● http
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25 Responses to “GTA 3 – iPad 2 – Mission #35 – Two-Faced Tanner”

  1. SanaEtAsh says:

    I have that gun.. but it doesn’t work when I try and use it on the guy in the car D:

  2. pervertidonumero1 says:

    Youre the guide :$

  3. GTASeriesVideos says:

    Already done, check out my playlists.

  4. ProjectV6 says:

    Did you do Liberty City Stories? If not you should. Great job by the way

  5. Lo8Uis says:

    thanks i mean if is available too for ipad 1

  6. Funner1342 says:

    wrong im first

  7. Ant15307 says:

    How do you get all those weapons?

  8. gameexpert2011 says:

    i have gta 3 on my iphone
    but i get my self a ak47 make a blockade
    and shoot the car blows up
    i blow up my car next to him
    his car catches on flames and then before he can go out
    BANG hes gone

  9. jenningsslayer314 says:

    @TheLUKA64: They did in San Andreas as well. This was a rivalry they had,

  10. seirv0621 says:

    you guys know that this mission was direct insult to the game Driver? tanner is the main character of the games.

  11. Diego Gonzalez says:

    This Makes me wanna Play GTA

  12. TheLUKA64 says:

    they made fun of tanner from driver >:C

  13. Meyus007 says:

    Tanner from Driver series. :p

  14. 32thetimekiller says:

    why ur site is on spanish or italian (i dont know sure) i wanted to see somthnig but i cant uderstand any thing

  15. 8Bitzzz says:

    its the driver tanner!!!!

  16. MCMikeProduction says:

    because its a partner on youtube, for gettin money he need to add these “advert”

  17. GaLLaVEVO says:


  18. wakyuz says:

    Why do I get advert’s everytime I watch a video of your channel? It’s so annoying..

  19. Meko Curry says:

    ur already on staunton island? 0.0

  20. GTASeriesVideos says:

    Main menu.

  21. Konphetty says:

    First in the video last to get laid

  22. WWEIsTheAwesome says:

    It’s available on Android Phones

  23. Lo8Uis says:

    This is available only for ipad 2?

  24. davidrayox52 says:

    to also suck adick

  25. davidrayox52 says:

    to suck adick


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