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Hands on: Apple iPad Air 2 is nice, but not a necessity

Ed Baig reviews the new Apple iPad Air 2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to “Hands on: Apple iPad Air 2 is nice, but not a necessity”

  1. Jason Nostro says:

    Lol how is something not a necessity? If someone wants it their gonna buy
    it. I had opinions. 

  2. Cesare de Cal says:

    omg 50k unready emails…

  3. faisal saad says:

    the best tablt in the world ipad air 2

  4. AweMire says:

    The only way the iPad Air 2 isn’t a necessity is if you’re an idiot. It’s
    the most efficient tablet in the world right now, with so much power that
    for the first time ever a tablet actually rivals a laptop. And by a laptop,
    I mean an Apple laptop, which rivals the most powerful Microsoft desktop
    you could find.

    An iPad as powerful as a desktop is what we almost have here, and what
    Apple is claiming we do have but we all know they exaggerate on their
    selling site. It’s a huge necessity because sometimes you want to do
    desktop-level stuff, but you don’t want to be stuck at your desk all day.

  5. Bora Chreng says:

    The way he’s holding the iPad towards the end of the video makes me wonder
    how long it’ll be before phones become this large.

  6. Jesse Kenyon says:

    Wow 51,627 emails!

  7. KD jOkEr says:

    holy shit
    would u look at that number of emails, this is a boss level every1
    its over 9000 (51,000 lol)

  8. Ch3rry Bloss0m says:

    I’m actually watching this on iPad Air 2 weird!

  9. Nacario Star says:

    samsung glaxay s still has better screen s amoled display though

  10. Jason Nostro says:

    Lol how is something not a

  11. el flaco93 says:

    is the same protection case for the ipad air and the air 2?

  12. Y Nick says:

    good video . but , rose gold ipad looks ugly .

  13. 沈建宏 says:


  14. Chicks2180 says:

    I Love love my iPad Air 2 worth the update from the IPad Air.

  15. MrKingRyan09 says:

    Too little gameplay, too much talking. Huge screen glare. Wayyy to much
    wasted time on your sponsor. Like. Way too much.

    Great voice and announcing though. Increase your video editing and general
    layout and it’s not too bad.

    Also. Fuck appnana. Just jailbreak your device. Look up Pangu and download
    it. Plug your ipad into the computer and open Pangu, push one button and
    boom that’s it! Now you are jailbroken. It’s the easiest thing ever to do
    and then you can get any app free without wasting time. 

  16. AppFind says:

    Let me know what your favorite iPad Games are in the Comments!

  17. iiFrosti says:

    Too much talking bye

  18. Jace Johnson says:

    Hey I dont know If any one has played Trigger Fist on Apple But TRY IT is

  19. Tarek kk says:

    Where is Hearthstone !!!!!? 

  20. owen Briffa says:

    what is the name the car game ??

  21. Abby Davidson says:


  22. Lucas Krajnovic says:

    Appnana Code l7400545 for 5000 nanas!!

  23. Anthony Maguire says:

    Appnana is wack get appvn In App Store free

  24. Emelie Green says:

    Call of duty striker team

  25. Bryan Norris says:

    To anyone that wants to get a paid game but can’t go to safari or Google
    and search vShare, if you’re device is jail broken download that version,
    but if it is unjailbroken download that version, once you launch it you can
    get any app for free, it is a lot better than app nana or app bounty, just
    search for whatever game and install, the app will not be trusted by your
    phone/iPad but don’t worry it is perfectly safe to download things on :)
    Your welcome

  26. Starstrike Gen says:

    The only thing that I hate about his channel is that he will cover each
    game for about a minute and then goes for 5 minutes on app nana

  27. Don Jimenez says:

    I personally think iOS devices are the best devices for gaming. They have
    the best processors out of all the devices out there. :D

  28. We suck at Minecraft says:

    Ur playing this in 2014 genus 

  29. rian Pasion says:

    Also if you need paid games/apps download

  30. The Crafter says:

    My favorite game is minecraft because you can build any kind

  31. Armyof Sniperz says:

    Boom beach clash of clans roblox minecraft

  32. Griffin says:

    monster hunter

  33. Spicytiger says:

    Sooooooooo goooooood thank you sooooo mutch

  34. Don Jimenez says:

    Also, I would recommend these games for iDevice owners, which aren’t free
    but worth the money. ;) Here they are: Infinity Blade 1, 2, and 3. xDDD
    They are games that tend to push an iDevice to their limits, and they look
    really good.

  35. Gena Daniels says:

    oh my god.. do me a favour and NEVER start your videos like that.. 

  36. Mathew Serrano says:

    My favorite game is minecraft pe

  37. PocketGamer says:

    Good games, but on my chanel you can see some logics games! For expample
    very interesting game watee!

  38. Derek Hunter says:

    Did u notice that your video was dec 28 at 12:28. Now that’s cool. 

  39. Asilah Roslan says:

    can u make top offline games…..hehe


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