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How to connect iPhone 5 to the TV

Use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter with your iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPod touch (5th generation) with Lightning connector. The Lightning Digital AV Adapter supports…
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25 Responses to “How to connect iPhone 5 to the TV”

  1. Ronny Kethers says:

    Very nice review!
    Maybe you’re so kind to answer me the following questions:
    – Is it also possible to mirror the VLC app so that I can all sorts of
    video formats?
    – Does GarageBand work with it as well?
    – Does it play the video and audio from any website that’s working on the

  2. DesignerReviewz says:

    Great video, just wondering though, does the sound from the videos from the
    iPhone transfer to the TV?

  3. NOH HON says:

    Does it work on ios 8.1.2

  4. RenoO 6baza says:

    I want to buy this form..
    So where can I find it..
    I’m from saudi arabia.

  5. hamza madrid says:

    Where can I buy it ? 

  6. kulastrio says:

    Hello! I find this really cool~ does the camera app work with this too?

  7. Daniel Cruz says:

    Where can I buy one for the iPhone 5s ? 

  8. michael greenway says:

    Does it work on 8.1.3 and does it get sound 

  9. Erick Flores says:

    Please answer… Will it work with iPhone 6 on 8.1.2?

  10. Abdullah Alnasari says:

    Can i watch youtube on it?

  11. Camille woods says:

    I can’t even do the first step on none of these video

  12. Dobby OmdatHetKan says:

    Does it work with the iphone 5c?

  13. Jay mind ya business says:

    I bought one of these this week and for some reason my TV shows only a
    blank screen with my iPhone 6 hooked to it. But it does work with my iPod
    touch. Any idea why?

  14. Kevin Ventura says:

    Does it work with iPhone 6?

  15. Gar Jenkins says:

    I’m in Ireland.. Where can I buy one of these?

  16. Gerry Murray says:

    Where can I buy one off these and would it work for the iPhone 5S I’m from

  17. Juan Elvaquero says:

    Does it work with ipod 5?

  18. Liena Miranda-Waldron says:

    Yeah…hook up ur fon to ur TV….

  19. sergio7xp says:

    And how much is it

  20. enjoiventure says:

    Can I watch movies threw my video downloader app?

  21. Abdullah Alnasari says:

    Can i watch y

  22. Narayan Khatri says:


  23. Gerry Murray says:

    Will it work on iPhone 5S and in around how much would it be to buy

  24. Harvey Fernandes says:

    Where could I get one of these adaptors 

  25. Jose Oliver says:

    How much is it ?


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