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How to connect your GoPro Hero 3 to your iPad

This tutorial shows you the basics of how to set up your GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition (should also be the same for White and Silver editions too) to that you c…
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24 Responses to “How to connect your GoPro Hero 3 to your iPad”

  1. Lend'wel Arthemische says:

    how to know the password of gopro hero 3 wi-fi?…

  2. Alex LA says:


  3. amange shoejaeyfar says:

    somebody called there wifi (virus.exe) so nobody will use it..hehe..thats awesome

  4. polo Carbajal says:

    i need the password

  5. OH13Flyer says:

    Thank You.

  6. Elizabeth Phillips says:

    Thanks this helped me -

  7. gabemks says:

    The wifi password is “goprohero”

  8. vitinhofaria22bm says:

    hey man my ipad is asking me the password to make the connection, WTF IS THIS????

  9. Hervez Vakil says:

    But a good video keep em coming

  10. Hervez Vakil says:

    Dude u talk a lot !!!

  11. BradM73 says:

    You can get an adapter from Micro SD to SD and connect it if you wish.

  12. Craig K says:

    Helpful, good video

  13. Coach Swissy says:

    Helpful video thanx!

  14. GoproComplete says:

    Hi guys looking to get my GOPRO COMPLETE CHANNEL of the ground. Im going to have videos on tips and tricks, do it yourself mounts, video editing tutorials and much more. Im just looking for support, subscribers and some help in the right direction, thank you

  15. Geoff L says:

    i see that on earlier go pro the sd memory card could be connected to an ipad for video play back. On the hero 3 the smaller card meahs this cannot happen . what is the solution?


  16. TheShankapatamas27 says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH just got it to work

  17. BradM73 says:

    Ok. Sounds like you just need to update the firmware to the most recent version. Let me know if you need any help. Hopefully I explained it well enough in the video. Best of luck.

  18. BradM73 says:

    I’ll see if I can put together something this week. I use Adobe Photoshop to compile my image sequences, but Cineform should be able to do it too, though with fewer options for edition the photos.

  19. TheShankapatamas27 says:

    can u do a vid on how you did the cloud time lapse vid, i can never figure out how to do that. thanks

  20. TheShankapatamas27 says:

    GoPro 3 (same as yours) thanks

  21. BradM73 says:

    You still need to download them to your computer to play them back. They are not playable in the GoPro App. At least not yet.

  22. BradM73 says:

    You probably need to update your firmware. Which version of the GoPro do you have?

  23. Gerry Williams says:

    where do you find the list of videos you have recorded to play back? thank you

  24. TheShankapatamas27 says:

    at 4:55 mine dosen’t say go pro app. what should i do?


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