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How To Download Movies And TV Shows On An iPhone, iPad, And iPod For Free.

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31 Responses to “How To Download Movies And TV Shows On An iPhone, iPad, And iPod For Free.”

  1. sashakpopaddiction says:

    This used to work for me just a week or two ago but now when I try to
    download a video I press save when the pop up comes up but when I go to the
    downloaded tab it comes up for a few seconds and then disappears and
    doesn’t save the video!

  2. ThePeacefulMafia says:

    Why won’t project free tv work for iPod? I can still download and them
    watch but it’s a pain to wait for the download to finish

  3. Ralph Bergqvist says:

    It said the site is blocked for project free TV 

  4. Aiden ATxHD says:

    This would be good if it didn’t download at only 30kb per second!

  5. masterx2z says:

    I have a problem, when I press the play button on my ipad it doesn’t work
    so I don’t get redirected to the other sites so what do I do 

  6. bex laurence says:

    Piece of fucking shit app. All it does it redirect you to the App Store

  7. Christine C says:

    Is this even legal?

  8. Hugo Uchiyama-Cadorette says:

    I am having a problem with my videos. I am having the same problems with
    what u went over in the video but I can’t fix them for some reason. Help me

  9. Ashley' World of Magic says:

    Hi im been having a problem i try to download a video from novamov or any
    other links that work but it dosent show the play button it shows play as
    free user i pressed it but it dosent work i tried the other links they dont
    work either

  10. GRIZZLY ADAMS says:

    Need help, I’ve got the app you said to buy, I’ve followed all the steps u
    listed. BUT when I choose the shows I want to download on project free tv,
    the link underneath only says Stream now?!! There is nowhere that let’s me
    download unless it’s a fake pop up????? Wtf?!

  11. Andrija Oreskovic says:

    IT WORKS ON IOS 8 beta 3 ;)))))

  12. Donya Kay says:

    It didn’t work for my iOS7 ipod

  13. Ginas Trix says:


  14. jasmine gordon says:

    It works but the host site,,, Wat I do if there’s no host sites you put

  15. Chase Engelen says:

    fucked up app

  16. Paul Brissette says:

    Yeah, for me the audio cracks. I mean it is on and off for a few seconds at
    a time without pausing the movie.

  17. Adam Martin Mendoza says:

    Thanks alot bro

  18. Alex Tesfay says:


  19. Hakonei says:

    Search “kADM” app on Appstore. Try and download all video/audio/document
    you want view for offline.

  20. malik shelton says:

    I downloaded the app and i didnt even see it on my ipad…..

  21. Belton Hogue says:


  22. tashizzle2004 says:

    Thank you soooo much – been wondering how to do this (on and off) for
    months. This video was really easy to follow for the not so Apple savvy
    like myself – thank you!

  23. fathi omer says:

    cool app and thanks for the advice

  24. Jacob Lainey says:

    You are amazing mad for a whole day till now thanks so much

  25. mo mora says:

    Can u watch them like with out internet ???

  26. Ken Grg says:

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  28. Pato0o11 says:

    i dont have 4 friends with iphone/ipods to talk with : (

  29. thatonebeone says:

    fring ring

  30. sarfarazjo says:


  31. Subhomoy Sarkar says:

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