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How to: Fix a broken front panel on your iPad 2 or iPad 3 Bill Detwiler shows you how to replace a cracked front panel on the iPad 2 or iPad 3.
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  1. Mrjoshlukee says:


  2. syndrome666 says:

    nope, about $30 for the glass, tools? just look around the house, kitchen knives, nail filers, plastic knives, guitar picks, bookmarks, paper clips, just be creative. Heat gun? fuck that, got long hair? use a blow dryer or borrow one from someone who has. What else…some patience, and a couple of dollars for super glue gel for security measures and 1 or 2 big college textbooks for dry time after reassembly. compressed air maybe, and a set of gloves, maybe $10 for all these extra accessories

  3. Elisabeth Spencer says:


  4. painfullypink says:

    just went to the apple store yesterday. they charge $299 to replace a broken ipad with a new one. it’s definitely cheaper to repair it yourself.

  5. Seif Reda says:

    This not a ipad iPads aren’t squares

  6. FuzzleLand says:

    And now that you’ve removed the screen, all the dust in the world is now on your LCD.

  7. mexicojrs says:

    Eres puñal

  8. krystenaoswald says:


  9. Nachiket Garland says:

    @gueo224s Dude, the guide I’m telling you is really amazing! I didn’t know an Ipad could do that and I’m an advance user, the link is in the description of my profile
    Oh! And the vid you sent me wow! That girl was hot!

  10. balanul20 says:

    instead of buying a new front panel for 150$ i would have bought the nexus 7 :D

  11. Bob Williams says:

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  12. chrisgimeno says:

    So, the the from panel of the ipad2 and ipad3 is attached to the body with glue. That is the saddest thing I’ve never eared from Apple. The Blackberry 8520 (100% crap) front panel uses glue too.

  13. Tom Hoang says:

    How you do that

  14. Bornaboone says:

    Can’t I just e-mail you? My Ipad is dented in the corner, along with the shattered screen. Do I need to take it to a proffessional? I need help. Please let us know your e-mail, I’m against facebook and twitter. I’m Great video btw! ★

  15. Javier Valencia says:

    Nice video.
    I got a question:
    I did exactly the same, but when I put the new front panel, the LCD never turn on. Altought Siri keep speaking when I push the button. What could be wrong? did I screw up the LCD?

    Thanks for answer.

  16. THE1makka says:


  17. Tim Fontana says:

    if you have a extended warranty

  18. awesomezion says:

    I broke it bout and our ag

  19. michael cooper says:

    Like sang said why would you do this

  20. michael cooper says:

    I would never but a dryer to my iPad

  21. YoniTechVids says:

    what if youve got no more warranty

  22. TheAdriannirvana says:

    vaya mierda

  23. Alyssaisrandom says:

    I mean broke

  24. Alyssaisrandom says:

    My i pad broken very badly

  25. thewaterferrets says:

    ba ba ba booma maw maw


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