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How To Get Flash On The iPad 4 & iPad Mini

Blog Post- In this video I show you guys how to get Adobe Flash Player on the iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and any Apple device…
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25 Responses to “How To Get Flash On The iPad 4 & iPad Mini”

  1. Measehven Ebi says:

    Should have read your comments before I tried this crap. DID NOT WORK using
    vBrows so I won’t even try it with the other one. Got an error while trying
    to download flash using the browser. Thanks for wasting my time. 

  2. Nintendo nucklehead says:

    super helpful just subscribed 

  3. Ramon Woods says:

    Puffin said that flash is NOT AVAILABLE in the free trail…..

  4. Hukiworld says:

    Puffin does work. I recommend it. Why put a code to use an extra month for?
    If it works and you love it, pay for it – it’s not even $4 and people buy
    coffee for $4 at Starbucks. People need to stop being so dishonest and

  5. sam cruz says:

    Fucking waste of time

  6. Martin Antony says:

    I use PHOTON PRO trouble is I had to pay ;(

  7. Kirill Shilov says:

    Both of the websites flash run in the cloud (unless your watching an FLV
    video) so it’s really slow if your like playing games or something,
    disliked (looking for the cydia app)

  8. Alien Forehead says:

    This is pants. Don’t waste your time.

  9. Samet Tikiz says:

    Omg apple sucks

  10. emrecenafu10 says:

    when the ipad mini has got Flash i am buy it .. When it doesnt have got
    flash i am buying the neuxs 7

  11. Asad Shahid says:

    whats the point of your video if you don’t actually know how to get the
    thing working.. sound and video …

  12. MrDiamondBones says:

    But doesnt safari already do this stuff? Or maybe google chrome

  13. Wendy Jones says:

    I use Puffin Web Browser. Go to settings and enable “ignore mute” and you
    will have sound

  14. Prince Rolle says:

    Go on the 3 lines at top then go in setting the trun on ignore mute switch

  15. Sage Kurtenbach says:

    Umm I can’t find vbrowse

  16. Endro32 says:

    Photon Flash Browser works with sound.

  17. Sharon Oliver says:

    V browser did not work, but puffin (free version) worked perfectly!! Thanks
    for the tips. Very helpful

  18. DubstepDang says:

    Is it adobe flash

  19. postelcode0 says:

    I tried vbrowse didn’t work good but puffin web did and I got volume only
    with headphones though

  20. JuliusSommer says:

    Puffin is a Great App ist Works at Every stream on every website

  21. John De Leon says:

    I hope the next update of puffin web browser, the flash video won’t lag…

  22. River Harper says:


  23. jivrilzky24 says:

    Those two browsers are not available here in Saudi Arabia..

  24. Alejandro Silva says:

    helped me soooo much was trying others n buying apps the puff one saved my
    life hahahha thanks so much <3

  25. Coco La-nata says:

    Thank you for your sharing. Very useful.


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