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How to Install ZAGG invisibleSHIELD to Apple The New iPad 3 3rd Generation (HD)

H&#959w t&#959 Install Zagg invisibleSHIELD t&#959 Apple Th&#1077 N&#1077w iPad 3 3rd Generation (HD) **Correction** If &#1091&#959&#965 b&#965&#1091 th&#1077 invisibileSHIELD &#1072t th&#1072t Kiosk, th&#1077&#1091 w&#1110ll charg…
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25 Responses to “How to Install ZAGG invisibleSHIELD to Apple The New iPad 3 3rd Generation (HD)”

  1. AwkwardHamster says:

    thank you

  2. Jayson Malla says:

    hahahaha I like the name AWKWARD HAMSTER hahahaha

  3. AwkwardHamster says:

    thank you

  4. AwkwardHamster says:


  5. Andrey Cortes says:

    they aplly it for free at best buy!!!

  6. Andrey Cortes says:

    I baught a zagg lifeproof for the iphone 5 and it dint have the zagg logo:)

  7. TheKhansWorld says:

    DO NOT place the ipad on straight after you place the zagg shield on. The
    solution is water type, always give 24 hours drying time. Patiance always
    bares fruits.

  8. AwkwardHamster says:

    @Iamshaswat You’re very welcome.

  9. mswaheds says:

    How many did you get(iPad)?

  10. AwkwardHamster says:

    I got 3 of the New iPad…I don’t own a computer. I use the iPad as a baby
    monitor, notepad tablet at work, and for our parents to use in the daytime
    wile taking care of babies. Simpler for them to use the iPad when a baby is
    on their lap over a laptop.

  11. carlos orta says:

    @dmr422 p

  12. YEYEfarmurr says:

    just tried doing this without using the liquid because I didn’t want to place
    liquid on my groundbreaking new ipad….fack really wrecked the Zagg – wasted $30 :@

  13. AwkwardHamster says:

    Give it 24 hours. I found that the screen looked the worst when I first place
    it on. It looked much better the next day.

  14. AwkwardHamster says:

    It was released the same time they released the Wifi version.

  15. twcastle10 says:

    Omg you can barrly see the zagg logo

  16. TheKhansWorld says:

    Blimey you can hear him breath thru his nose soooo annoying grr lol

  17. hotstreak4life says:

    It is not a dissipate because if you contact them and clarify your situation
    they will send you another one because they have lifetime warranties for
    their shields.

  18. AwkwardHamster says:

    It should have came with a cutout for home button AND camera.

  19. Abz464 says:

    On mine it looks pixelated, i dont know if i got scammed i did buy it off
    ebay and it did not even arrive with the picture of the ipad on the front
    it arrived with a picture of another tablet

  20. Skypomate says:

    You should use tight plastic handcuffs

  21. leslie lewis says:

    Thank you mine now looks nice

  22. AwkwardHamster says:

    Hi Abz464. It has been working fantastic for me.

  23. Zapc Kcin says:

    They photograph that logo, because a huge ebay scam. they needed a excellent way to
    honor the warranty.

  24. mswaheds says:

    It is really simple to scratch out the logo

  25. Blackswordman001 says:

    l was more thinking about that the wifi does not have that top black panel
    on the back like the 3G does and l have not seen a fullbody cover that is
    cut to fitt that black 3G thingi on the backside… l dont know how to
    clarify it :P


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