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How to: Start up and Activate iPad 3 (2012)

When is the ‘Best’ time to buy an Apple Product? (a thelatestech website) In this video I give a tutorial on how to set up and acti…

The iPhone 5 (or new iPhone, as it may be called) is still under wraps, but Apple’s new iPad 3 (coined “new iPad” by Apple) is a nice evolutionary upgrade fr…
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50 Responses to “How to: Start up and Activate iPad 3 (2012)”

  1. niamh crawford says:

    i like watching these videos even when i dont even have an ipad!!! (-_-) and btw good video

  2. Milena Chen says:

    i coulnt activate my ipad :(

  3. Jamie Hall says:

    I am wondering what you used to spin the iPad in your intro. I’m looking for something that will spin a 3D image of an iPad but much slower than the speed in your intro.

  4. Arnas K says:

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  5. Gummybear Spence says:

    if its he ipad 3 it should have it

  6. Theodore Sherman says:

    Nice tips, thanks!
    Found a few other iPad tutorials, here:
    “newipadtutorial com”

  7. Nachiket Garland says:

    @gueo224s No joke, I know you don’t believe but that guide is the real thing! You can see the link on my profile, I’m doing amazing tricks with my ipad :P

  8. HollywoodRecords65 says:

    no, the only difference is the processing chip.

  9. Suz Ko says:

    Hi, heard that u mentioned this ipad screen is amazing , will the ipad 4 screen be better than this? Any news?

  10. imAzompireRawr says:

    what if the dictation setting is missing? :(

  11. smaansmaan12 says:

    Cool video.I can’t see myself getting this one when I have the ipad 2.I know the retina display is better but $500 isn’t warranted for the purchase of the new one in my opinion.Again Great video!!!

  12. ricky18ful says:


  13. Mohamed Alsaidi says:

    Pp u

  14. Cha Es says:

    Hi thank you… very useful…

  15. Williamagie says:

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  16. musicG65 says:

    Wired noise you made, 0:55 Something wrong?

  17. raonline14 says:

    Hi, have you considered “MaxPadPro” (just do a Google search for it…)? There you will find over one hundred video tutorials teaching how you can do just about anything on the iPad and thus use it to its maximum potential. It made it possible for Tom to get the most from an iPad very quickly. Perhaps it will help you also…

  18. taniqa thaga says:

    i am gonna get the same ipad but it is the first time im ever going to setup an apple product my seld

  19. shanedawsonlover143 says:

    im getting the same ipad lol

  20. nicholas franzwa says:

    The iPad works without a sim card

  21. miss4Peace says:

    Does this Ipad work without a Sim Card?

  22. Alinoporn says:

    does it work without enable / disable locations ???

  23. xXxGNLxXx says:

    hey, what’s icloud?

  24. ollisiltala10 says:

    I have i pad3 now i got it 26.4. And its not hard -_-“

  25. 98CEDARPOINT says:

    How is it hard????

  26. Yari Marie says:

    My Christmas present :-[ <3

  27. Boost Kit Body By Vi says:

    very good!! this will help! 

  28. Perry Verduijn says:

    Ik hep het ook en het is wel goed

  29. Kevin Price says:

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  30. Glenn Canady says:

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  31. davienssprime123 says:


  32. Cupcake872345 says:

    Thank you!

  33. Mike duce says:

    I can’t believe i really got a free iPad3 for testing!!
    Google (MonsterSnag) under freebies
    Spreading the karma!! im so happy

  34. xSAVAGExJOKER says:

    2:48 ooooh look at that plastic comin off ooooooh…….fag ……. LMAO

  35. Alexa Taylor says:

    “Tech people don’t read manuals. We just get lost and then complain about it on Twitter.”
    Awesome quote, awesome review. :)

  36. Velez Malta says:


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  37. Phillip Kerns says:

    @Nick Fleming does is have Siri? Voice dictation at the keyboard? Does your maps all have 3D? If not then its a 2!

  38. Nick Fleming says:

    Mine is supposed to be a 3 but looked up the code or whatever and said its an iPad 2 any help?

  39. MegaSmileygirl12 says:

    2:25 2:34 LMAO XD

  40. ptlofts says:

    I cant see it cuz the vid is too dark!

  41. Lara angella says:

    How much is it?

  42. Adonis Collado says:

    Ipad 2

  43. Adonis Collado says:

    I called it ipad 3 bitch :)

  44. raphaelsanvictores28 says:

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  45. venom carnage says:

    you have a nice house

  46. XenonGraphics101 says:

    Dang, you are stupid.

  47. lino joseph says:

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  48. megakev321 says:

    I dont think it is a virus

  49. DarkTiger2017 says:

    Apple: Just when you think you have the latest version of whatever product they’re selling, they come out with a new version.

  50. Jonathan Lee says:

    How do you get review Modles?


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