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How To Use The iPhone 5 Camera – Everything You Need To Know

Full tutorial on how to use the iPhone 5 camera. How to take panoramic pictures with the iPhone 5 and how to use some advanced features. Full How To Use The …
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25 Responses to “How To Use The iPhone 5 Camera – Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Spookygaming says:

    Why doesn’t it take fullscreen pictures it’s really pissing me off

  2. Jake Duffy says:

    When I go on video it is really zoomed in Help?

  3. Kaila Penalosa says:

    Hi I have an iphone 5c and it started happening yesterday… Whenever I
    take a picture using the front camera it always, i mean always switches
    sides and its really annoying and I couldn’t take a good picture. I went to
    the camera settings and I have no idea on how to fix it… Please help me
    I’m really annoyed. Thanks!! 

  4. krynosjr says:

    ty, it was an exhausting trip. my hand isnt the steadiest but i got some
    neat pan pictures! sorry, replied in order from top to bottom in mail. best
    wishes:) already subscribed.

  5. Jay Bee says:

    Awsome!…Thank you very much. Your video helps me a lot!!!

  6. Nald Dax says:

    Why is it when i take picture using the front cam, the result is a blurry
    pic? Please answer . Thank you.

  7. krynosjr says:

    I love the pan but yeah i bet it doesnt. sadly its not shown in settings
    lol. ty.:)

  8. krynosjr says:

    5c works diferently… auto on/off but no flash on/off aroo? dont see pan
    but it has the hdr thing. i have bad vision so idk. going on a trip so
    planning to use it since its smaller than ipad and takes better pics.

  9. jason Rogers says:

    A little slow and you forgot the lock focus feature. 

  10. Duraianandan Ramaswamy says:

    Good Tips

  11. krynosjr says:

    cool! does 5c have pan mode? also does turning flash off in camera keep it
    off in other cam apps, camfind for example? thanks a lot:)

  12. krynosjr says:

    ty i saw:) i look forward to using pan on my trip to baton rouge/new

  13. DHTV - Dan says:

    Your welcome, I will be posting iOS 7 hands on videos this week!

  14. wiweenx96 says:

    Plzz answer me.. Im a new Apple user and i have an Iphone5.. I wanna know
    something.. Can we zoom the video while filming..? If cant, any suggestion
    for me to record a convert and zoom from far? Plzz help me

  15. DHTV - Dan says:

    No but if your iPhone is under a year old you can just bring it back and
    they will replace it even without the warranty.

  16. DHTV - Dan says:

    Downloaded an app called wallpapers HD. I will be posting my top 10 apps of
    2012 shortly and it is one of them.

  17. MrDandan1999 says:

    How do you trim videos?

  18. freikinnewb122 says:

    You wouldn’t happen to know how to fix the problem where the shutter
    doesn’t open would you? I just bought this phone yesterday and didn’t get a
    warrant so I can’t take it in for a replacement.

  19. DHTV - Dan says:

    Yeah, it is pretty cool.

  20. Bouncybon says:

    Thanks Dan. That’s really helpful. I’ll try that. I’ve only had the iPhone
    5 for three weeks – I have a lot to learn and it needs practice.

  21. n310ea says:

    When you tilt the camera for landscape mode, how do you know the video
    won’t appear upside-down when you upload it to your viewers, like should
    you hold it with the home button on your left or right?

  22. adel hanafi says:

    great , but can i know please how to make Zoom ?!!!!!!!!!1

  23. saima khan says:

    Love the video

  24. texasmade89x says:

    How do you switch between 16:9 and 4:3 ratio settings. . How do you set
    exposure settings? How do you set ISO settings? .. This camera is way to
    simple. . Stupid iphones…

  25. DHTV - Dan says:

    Thanks, I am trying to build this channel up.


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