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iMovie for iPad (Part 3)

This video is the third installment in a series of training videos that demonstrate how to use iMovie for the iPad 2. In this video, which builds upon Parts …

8 Responses to “iMovie for iPad (Part 3)”

  1. Caitlyn Watson says:

    Watch my iMovie trailer. Tell me if you think the wole format/outline is
    any good.. Thanks in advance, yourvideo was cool.

  2. Gumper Van Lier says:

    Your video was very helpful, especially on the “workaround” for the
    background music.

  3. lingojourney says:

    support apple com kb PH3181 Add . etc

  4. lingojourney says:

    I liked it :)

  5. Natasha Grebesheva says:

    you’re a genius, thank you thank you thank you

  6. Glemons98 says:

    Can you tell me if it’s possible to edit out a part in the middle of a
    clip? If so….how?

  7. Haydn Davis says:

    Really helped me with the audio problem – I couldn’t figure out how to move
    background music to just certain places. Your strategy of having it
    silenced in some places and not others was a great workaround – thanks!

  8. Sewwandi FoodEater says:

    Can you make music videos with that app?


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