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iPad 2 Digitizer Replacement Do It Yourself Repair! (Real Steps)

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25 Responses to “iPad 2 Digitizer Replacement Do It Yourself Repair! (Real Steps)”

  1. marc2797 says:

    I recommend tape up or seal/cover the entire external surface to prevent the shattering glass from flying got my replacement for $32 on amazon

  2. GottofLAN says:

    Nice vid. Just tried it on my iPad, worked out better than i expected. thanks guys!

  3. lawsuit44 says:

    This video is well done, I have my electronic and computer repair shop, and this video help me to do it excellent, thanks a lot my friend.

  4. Eva Redondo says:

    How did you manage to not rip the wifi antennae that’s adhered to the screen next to the home button? I did. But I found one on the internet and replaced it. Works fine, screen is ok, thanks.

  5. Holophyte says:

    Well thanks to this video I’m going to give it a go. Fingers crossed I don’t slice my fingers off. Lol

  6. iRepairFast says:

    We did

  7. iRepairFast says:

    We like you too

  8. iRepairFast says:

    Yes on high

  9. iRepairFast says:

    We rarely ever cut ourselves. We do these repairs all day every day. We are masters with the razor blade. ; )

  10. Holophyte says:

    It was a successful repair apart from the volume up wasn’t working! Who here watched this thinking at any stage now he’ going to slice his finger off? Still excellent though we get the thought on how to change the screen!

  11. NCHardwareReviews says:


  12. ImBlack ImWhite says:

    can you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun ?

  13. Eva Redondo says:

    Awesome! No bullshit, no steps left out and straight up shows how to do it! I like you guys!

  14. Bre Pierce says:

    My ipad 2 screen is off but I forgot to turn the ipad off! Can I take up again?

  15. Leron Gil says:

    Superb video, well recommended

  16. Chris Lyons says:

    Someone uninstall garageband from this guys computer

  17. Samarth Pradhan says:

    Please help me I recently droped my Ipad 2 and now the screen is shatterd but to repair it it costs almmost the price of an ipad what dp i do i am begging

  18. Colin Burge says:

    Excellent to see a tutorial with an actual iPad that hasn’t been pulled apart a hundred era before to make it look simpler than it is.

  19. SourDjay says:

    How do you bend back indented corners for the digitizer to fit in perfect ?

  20. Nathan Shirey says:

    Fantastic video, I had my ipad up and running with in an hour!

  21. Rufus trent says:

    NIce Subaqua Noma III

  22. Karina marmolejos says:

    i followed your video but now my backlight wont turn on its really dim

  23. Seamus O dea says:

    Dont make vids directly under a light. lol

  24. Sophal Phin says:

    awsome video!!! the repair took a small longer because my screen was pretty much smashed but everything turned out very well. thanks for tutorial. have a pleased new years!!!

  25. iRepairFast says:

    You are welcome, have a fantastic Christmas & New Years as well!


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